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“This is a typical example of where you use your money to literarily buy trouble” these were the words of a facilitator to my class during my orientation event at Lagos Business School.  And I was wondering what exactly does this man mean? The statement was scary to me but it was not unexpected. “A certificate from a world class institution is not going to come easy my friend” I said to myself so buckle up, be mentally prepared and enjoy the ride. He did end the wonderful speech with if you can give it what it takes, it will be a worthy life transforming investment of time and resources that will pay off eventually.

We had a welcome address by the dean of LBS Professor Chris Ogbechie, he did a good job in preparing our minds for the journey and task ahead. He beseeched us to begin to think and act like leaders. He also encouraged us to begin to change the kind of material we use to feed our minds, this makes a lot of sense to me because “as a man thinketh, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). He said we should become more interested in the local and international business world. He mentioned how television stations like CNN, and print media like Bloomberg and Thisday can help in understanding the business world. The dean did not fail to mention that Lagos Business School is a highly prestigious School and that the school will not fail in upholding its integrity. At this point the Professor laid emphasis on giving original ideas when we are giving projects and research work and the school does not take the issue of plagiarism likely. In conclusion, he admonished us to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity and also put in hard work, diligence and commitment to our LBS journey and it will be rewarding eventually.

After the opening speech by the dean, we also had a welcome address from the Director of the MBA program by Mr. Chinedum Ewuzie. He was accompanied by the of the Head of MBA programmes Mrs. Jacinta. They were also very welcoming, with them I felt like we are in good company. During their session, we had someone from the admission office take us on a tour round the facility. I must say, it’s the right place to study; we were welcomed with smiles on the faces on everyone we met. One of the places I loved and I hope to maximize soon is the school library. I was amazed by the number of thousands of books, journals and other types of publications that the library holds in hard copies. The library has even more in soft copies, great place for a business research you would say I guess.

After listening to different people and walking around, you will definitely have to refill your tank of all that energy; right! It brings me to the part where we were treated as guest and we were served free food throughout the orientation programme, is that not just great! The food at LBS is great and you cannot but notice the smile on the faces of the servers who after serving you will always say “ENJOY”! I wish that we continued to enjoy the food for free…hahaha!

Come to LBS, you will love it.

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