A Visit to Rovingheights

It was sometimes last year I sighted their page on an Instagram post. They had invited the Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, to unveil and commission their newly built Abuja outfit. It was a colourful scene and looked quite eventful.  While commissioning, he picked some books from the shelve, briskly read through some pages, and dropped them in his basket. I watched through all the videos that were uploaded for the event and I did subscribe to their Instagram page immediately.

I create time to read books. One of my goals since year 2020, which was helped by the pandemic, was to read a minimum of four books in a month. My preferred bookstore is on Lagos Island and has enjoyed my patronage in the last 10 years. I would call it a win-win relationship though, because the store also has some of my albums on their shelve. While I cherished my old-time store, I was going to explore this new brand, but for the fact that they were in Abuja, it limited my option to physically check-in with them except for those online purchases I made occasionally.

I was impressed when I later saw, sometime in early March this year, that a new outfit has been commissioned also in Lagos, somewhere in Surulere, Ogunlana drive precisely. I looked forward to a visit on a weekend and that would give me the opportunity to pick some of the new authors I had pen down in the last one month. Dr. Bongo, my lecturer at the Lagos Business School has recommended series of titles to us, and by extension, encouraged us to read them in books than listening passively to the audio.

I have enlisted a visit to Roveignheights as one of my to do on the Saturday after the end of first semester lectures. It was today, hence my day started, first at the gym, then back home to get freshen up and straight to Ogunlana drive. I arrived at the store and was met by a beautiful lady who received me and walk me through the various segments of the bookstore. I realize is always good to have an idea of the titles you are going for else you might be as confused as wanting to pick so many titles that will sure appeal to you by their cover.  I had plan to overcome that by having a list of the specific books I would like to pick.

The titles I picked today were mainly on politics, Nation Building, Religion and economics. They are the subjects I am attending to now, seeking knowledge on the prosperity and failure of nations. I couldn’t wait to get home before I activated the speed-reading techniques, shared with me at the brush up week of my LBS executive MBA course. I have digested some few pages of the titles right in the car on my return trip. I can be rest assured of an exciting week ahead as I look forward to gleaning insights from the Rovinheight books. You also can take a visit to their Lagos or Abuja store, you would be glad you do.


Ibukun Adenuga in General
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  1. Hello Peters Olaoluwa Awomolo, I enjoyed reading this. I love reading books as well. The pandemic was also the start of it for me. I visited Roveignheights on Ogunlana Drive in December and fell into the trap of buying more books than planned. Maybe if I had read your post then I won’t have LOl!!

    How do you read a minimum of four books in a month 😲😲 I admire that. Any techniques, please share?

    1. Greetings Ayoola, thank you for your comment. i laughed-out too when i read ‘how do you read a minimum of four books in a month’. am happy you admired it, it is an admirable unachieved goal. i have practically being doing like 2 per month, the best i can do even now with LBS EMBA program. So no freaking, its blogging (smiles)

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