Putting it all together at Lagos business school.

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Growing up in the southeastern part of Nigeria among illiterate successful businessmen, I had built my intuition about business.  Like my father would always say, he who can’t manage one naira cannot manage one million naira.

The distorted puzzle

My siblings and I, had always played a role in my parents business at Onitsha main market, Anambra state.  At 14,I learned about the balance sheets for the first time. Our business studies tutor would always prepare a case study for us to analyze, using the credit and debit sides to create a report for the beginning and end of the business. I couldn’t understand this course had wondered about these illiterate men who don’t know this but seem to excel in business in the real life. I had said to myself, “why then does one need to know this”? after all, I am studying to become a medical doctor and won’t need this! What a naïve statement.

I didn’t become a medical doctor, but I did become a medical laboratory scientist. By this time, my inherent passion had already taken a greater part of me. Times had changed, I had developed and grown a personal business from the scratch without structure. I had equally watched my father’s business grow from what I used to know, into something almost indescribable as he now needs the services of professionals from auditors to a financial analyst.

Everything became somewhat new to me. The business environment I used to know, had changed into something more dynamic and with more vision.

I was well experienced in getting business information, making decisions, and monitoring the growth and market trends. I had to do it in a whole new method and analyze them using digital tools. Before me again, was the almighty business studies I had dropped in my junior secondary school. Now inform of various parts of accounting and financing. This birthed my desire to enroll in an MBA program.

Fixing the puzzle

I choose Lagos business school (LBS) and the school chose me too. I resumed the brush-up program, I honestly had thought it would be all accounting, Financing, and the likes of it . But the reverse was the case I as was made to understand; there is more to an MBA at LBS. To become a world-class leader, I realized through the time management course; the need to lead a more structured life. My whole life was pivoted to me during our lecture on emotional intelligence I realized, I had to put more effort into building my EQ. My emotions shouldn’t take the lead in my decisions. I realized that in there are more factors to consider while taking decisions in business my fear of communication was tackled by communication management, I must say this is like remaking Amabel. Can I tag the experience as Divine?

A whole new me will be birthed at LBS and I shall keep you posted on my growth through this blog.


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