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REdeFINE your alignment


“Maybe late, maybe delayed”, but I could never fail. I have gone back and forth this subject matter in my head and, the severity of its implications simply glaring at me each time it pops as if to say, “You really believe so, huh?”

I am a strong believer in the Law of attraction, and that informs my attitude towards largely, anything. For instance, I make a mistake today, I look forward to tomorrow as an opportunity to rectify it or in the very least, do better but, never to dwell on it.

I have come to learn that acceptance makes it all easier. Accept you are human. Accept you are fallible. Accept your uniqueness is in your very imperfection. Know that each new day offers a fresh page to write on it what you will. What good will it be to keep glimpsing at the previous page and repeating the same errors on your new page? “The mercies of God are new every morning”, Perhaps, we should take a learning from that…

In view of this matter, I’ll leave an inspired piece that resonates with this. Maybe somewhat so. It is a good reminder that life and its attachments can have you looped and hooked to its cyclical arrangement and that, “PROBLEM NO DEY FINISH!” So, the best thing you can do for yourself is to incline to the bright side.


Whilst striving to achieve our goals,

before us always lie a multitude of directions.

We often decide to take the safest.

However, along the way,

we realize the safest is not often the best.

We become aware that a little risk will help strengthen us,

And, a little adventure, will make our story sweeter.

So, we live each day in faith that everything happens for a reason;

That the situations we find ourselves in,

no matter how devastating, will bear forth an extraordinary result;

that which will transform our lives for the better.

We expect to get double for our trouble,

and we are right to do that!

because without hope, no one will ever be able to cope.

Though the tides may be strong,

it does not mean we have to go wrong.

We just need something in sight to look up to.

Find that peculiar strength to hold on to.

For all it takes, we have in us.

All we need, we have with us.

Yet, we are not at ease, nor are we quiet.

We have no rest for we fear that trouble comes.

But, all these fear and uneasiness for what?!

Our fears are as far as we can go.

They only limit us,

they lie to us.

And if we let them engulf us, we eventually forget to live.

Till we eventually drown in them.


Your Brand is your story

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