I don’t know what to write

I don’t know what to write. I am a writer so I am supposed to be on fire, churning out blog post after blog post with the speed of light but that is not happening. What is happening is a despondency, a reluctance to scribble anything. I have many things to write about but I am restricted to writing about Lagos business school-related activities per week and one of mine. The thing is Lagos business school activities are mundane and boring. I don’t like writing boring stuff, only exciting things.

If I have the luxury to create drama out of LBS related activities, perhaps I will be gingered to write non-stop. But what could be exciting about facilitators coming and going and teaching somewhat boring stuff that I am grappling to comprehend? I love analysis of business problems, not because I am exceptionally good at it but because each case is a story: stories of people I can relate with. Or perhaps I need to see the sunny side of things to ginger my write up.

Another thing that saps the energy out of blogging is the uncertainty; you don’t know whether your post is being read or not. I get a sense that it is probably being counted but not an assessment of the content of the write-up. At least I have never gotten feedback from Dr Onu regarding my write-up or anyone’s write-up. A little bird told me that he has subordinates that go through it and my educated guess is that the readers are probably taking a census count and not an actual reading, going by the sea of blog posts by all the cohorts.

We are not entirely left without feedback though. There is a yoast SEO that gives feedback on the post. What the yoast does is to assess the article and give recommendations on how to make it better. It speaks to passive sentences, key phrase length and if there is no focus key phrase set for the post, it suggests to the writer to set a key phrase. It also speaks to the meta description length. I often see the remark, that no meta description has been specified and it hints that the search engines will display a copy from the page instead if there is no meta description. As much as I love the feedback, the downside is that I don’t understand what it is or how I am to fix the problem.

You might want to say that, ‘why can’t I just google it? I don’t have the time will be my response. The yoast SEO also have a couple of emojis and so far, it has given me the sad-faced emoji. It has never given me the smiley emoji or the Cheshire cat grin emoji. So you see why posting demoralizes me. Some of my colleagues write and share the link to their posts to get a real human being to comment on the write-ups. I can imagine how they feel. Writing and pouring your heart out and not being heard. It is like staging a spectacular show on broad way and the seats are empty. No audience. Heartbreaking.

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  1. @Abiola, you really made me laugh so loud!!!!!.
    Now you know someone reads your post, at least this time. So, keep on writing…
    True, you don’t write boring stuff and this “I don’t know what to write” was one of the fascinating article I have read today.
    “We are not entirely left without feedback though. There is a yoast SEO that gives feedback on the post” Lol
    “The yoast SEO also have a couple of emojis and so far, it has given me the sad-faced emoji” -please don’t kill me with laughter. Bye bye!

  2. Hiya Abiola your post is being read. LOL.
    I read and enjoyed it. I love how you wrote a whole article out of nothing. For someone who didn’t have anything to blog about. You sure had a lot to say. The yoast SEO helped me too. I found it very useful for my writing skills.

  3. Your posts are definitely been read. I think we need to do better by giving one another feedback on posts. Most times, I just read, smile and move on to another. I did enjoy reading this. Just learning that the SEO function provides feedbacks. Interesting!

  4. Hi Abiola, I’m sure we all understand this feeling. Especially about not getting replies or not even know if your work is being read.

    I wish there’s a function that’ll allow us know the number of views our posts have, but believe me, I’m sure they’re being read.

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