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There are very few people you meet in this world, who connect with you on a level beyond the norm.

You cannot tell why.

You cannot explain it.

Sometimes you don’t even understand it.

All you know is that this person elicits some good vibes.

At other times, a strong pull, a strong attraction can’t be ignored

It’s there. Alive, vibrant, you’re conscious of it.

It’s a system 1 intuitive feeling that tells you you’re safe with this other person even though you just barely met them.

On the orientation date, there was one person I connected with from afar.

 No words, no introduction just a strong knowing that this relationship was going to be more than just MBA Coursemates

As we settled down for classes, I met a few more people I knew I would hold dear for the rest of my life.


Everyone takes care of each other regardless of group attachments.

You would see that in the display of care and affection shown in online or physical classes.

In the past 1 month, the group bond has gotten much stronger.

Members of particular groups sit together, read together, and talk till the wee hours of the morning about assignments and tasks including personal challenges.


I had once spoken about the E27bond in one of my blogs before now it’s a tangible feeling.I know without a doubt that before the end of the first session every Ember27participant would have become family.


 Just another afternoon. A client had reached out to me. They were going to have an international event and wanted me to be the face of the event and also host it. We discussed the contractual terms, and in three days the promotion for the event had started. The planning committee sent me the e-flyer boldly printed with my face on it.

 I posted it on my Wassap status and Bam! It was on the ember27 platform.

Thanks to ;


Before I could say jack. Everyone was congratulating me.

 I was like wow! Wow! Wait for a minute guys, this wasn’t the plan.

The congratulations kept pouring in for 2 days after which some of my classmates insisted they were going to show up at the event to support me. Amongst them was the ember 27 class governor, the social and 2 great friends who had become sisters. Others who couldn’t make it due to their work schedules sent in private messages.

The love was massive.

The event date came. My classmates bought tickets and came in fully representing the

#ember27LBSimmortals. When I sighted them walking in, even though I was on stage, my heart swelled with pride. I introduced Lagos business school to a room full of C.E.Os. and managing directors from countries all over the world like Germany, India, Spain, Asia, Uk and of course Nigeria.

My classmates were elated and I was on top of the world. As we gathered around to take pictures, I said to myself this is a love that will not die.

I am proud to be a product of LBS.


I am thankful to have the #Ember27group walk this road of destiny with me.  

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