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As the LBS Modular session commenced, I was uncertain about what to expect. I anticipated each class, as I had missed formal classroom learning since my last professional exam early 2021. Looking through the session timetable, I thought about what the brush up classes will entail. I had assumed it was a part of the semester.

The brush-up timetable was uploaded and shared by the project coordinator. I fumbled trying to navigate the class links. Each time, I was always logging into empty classes. “What was I missing out?” is one of the numerous questions I asked as I rattle through different links trying to connect before due time. I had the timetable downloaded and printed rather than opening the file directly on google sheet, so changes effected were not updated.

Thanks to one of my classmates, Shay who took up the role to share the links right before each class on the WhatsApp group. Referencing Atinuke’s words, “A closed mouth is truly a closed destiny”.  I should have sought for help earlier.

Imagine the visible shock when I spotted some foundational courses I thought were irrelevant for an MBA programme on the brush up timetable. What could possibly be taught in a course like time management? Of course, these are basic knowledge everyone should be familiar with or so I thought. However, as the class progresses, I realized there was more to time management than I had exploited and the benefit of inclusion in the brush up course. It is a requisite skill that would be demanded when the programme becomes more intense and lots of projects are contending for our limited time.

The faculty did justice to the teaching by dissecting the concept, elaborating on the significance of time management. He explained how a millisecond could make all the difference between a winner and a loser, shedding some light on the Franklin Covey’s Time management matrix.

I have had poor records on effective time management; failing to focus on the important tasks till they become urgent and spending more than necessary time on non-important and non-urgent activities.

In this age of technology, we are faced with numerous distracting activities easily assessible on our devices. It takes being self-aware and choosing to be in control, dedicating time to the right things on a scale of importance and urgency.

To optimally maintain productivity, here are the key learnings that can be an imbibed into a daily routine:

  • Preparing for each day by writing down plan based on priorities giving room for interruptions
  • Decluttering work areas.
  • Being disciplined to stick with plan
  • Developing stretched goals to drive productivity
  • Avoid multitasking and distractions
  • Maximizing most productive time
  • Rejuvenating with exercises and soul-lifting music
  • Creating balance by allocating time for relationships and family.

For every decision, there are consequences. Failure to organize time effectively could lead to burnout, stress, loss of job or business and even untimely death. However, proper time management will always yield great productivity. While I conclude, it’s very important to note that managing time effectively must be a deliberate action.



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