Introduction to Stockbroking

My passion for investment started at a young age. Thanks to my mum. She was introduced to this industry at the age of eighteen. She rose through the ranks at the firm where she worked.
I watched with keen interest as she studied to become a chartered stockbroker.

In those days, it was a field highly dominated by men. The ladies in the field struggled to be known.

She witnessed the metamorphosis of this industry. This started at the call over stage and then to the introduction of trading machines. She also witnessed the physical certificates era to the electronic issuance of certificated.

She had such a passion for her job, and it was evident in the way she handled all our transactions and clients. She is known for her integrity. In this business, integrity matters. Your word is usually your bond. If you fail to live by your words in this business, no one will want to have any business dealings with you.

Furthermore, I discovered that she was creating wealth of people for herself. That got me interested in the business. I requested that she help me get an internship role in one of the stockbroking firms which she gladly did.

During my internship I was to the day-to-day running of a stockbroking firm. The firm provided me with the opportunity of going through all the departments. From customer service to operations, research, accounting and finally securities dealing.
in the course of my understudy at the securities dealing department, I discovered that the secret to the success of a success stockbroker was in use of the trading machine.

The trading machine can either make you or mar you. This machine was filled with so many opportunities. That is if you can read the market or the trends or even the behavior of investors.

This machine provides you with the opportunity to buy and sell stock the same day. You do not have to wait for weeks to make some good returns or wait until the firm declares dividends. Money can be made the same day by buying the stock during trading hours at a low price and selling it at a high price. Interesting right?

It was also at this stage that I knew it was important for investors to find the intrinsic value of a stock before investing. If you discover that the stock is undervalued, you have the advantage of quickly going in to make the purchase and then making some returns when the price moves.

The same also goes for selling. If you find out that the stock is overvalued, you sell and make your gains. The stock market provides us with opportunities to create wealth if we are patient.

The internship introduced me to the world of wealth creation, and I was certain that I was going to thrive
At the end of the internship, I concluded that I had to be part of this this league of extraordinary gentlemen.
I made it a point of duty to ensure all the necessary qualifications to thrive in this industry were obtained. It was success or nothing. I than what my mum did.

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