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This is a movie which intends to address issues with decision making in a situation of emergency. Many managers dilly-dally over decisions that ought to be taken quickly and allow things to mess up in the long run. In making such decisions, emotional biases had to be put under check so as not to lose the real essence of the objective of a mission or operation. Determining what success looks like is key to finding a solution to any business problem.

In this movie, colonel Powell – the lady saddles with the responsibility of capturing the terrorist who she had been trailing for the past six (6) years was very apprehensive that things may go wrong if a quick action was not taken, as she noticed that the terrorist group was about to unleash mayhem on the community by their usual strategy of suicide bombing attacks. The mission originally was to capture and not to kill. This mission was a combination of the British and American squad. A Kenyan was also engaged as the floor detective, staying among the members of the community used a drone mechanism to monitor the terrorist. The soldiers from the control room could connect with the direction of the drone surveillance mechanism. It got to a time when it appears that if quick action was not taken, they may lose the operation target. The dilemma was how to ensure the attack happened and no innocent soul was involved except the target.

Colonel Powel at a time had to make several consultations from her superiors to allow the rule of engagement of the game to change from Capture but not to kill, to capture or kill. This created a lot of back and forth. It was seen that the British crew were not ready to take responsibilities as they pass the bulk despite the approvals got from the top. The Americans were very precise with their decision as they were able to define what is more important. The national security compared to an individual who called herself an American citizen.

She eventually took a decision and the attack was launched twice killing the target but with effect on an innocent girl.

Lessons from the Movie:

  • Always remain agile all through an operation and be quickly to move as situations change.
  • Accomplishing a mission should be topmost in a manager’s mind.
  • ●        Kept the communication lines open.
  • Colonel Powell wants to be continually informed of any change in plans. That is a desirable quality of a manager
  • She took control of the mission. This was the closest she had gotten to the targets especially when the female target was spotted in the house. That was her statement.
  • She was impatient with bureaucracies
  • Time is of the essence in decision making.
  • Readiness to adapt as situations change
  • Agility/alertness in decision making
  • More options/alternatives could have been explored at planning stage.
  • Control your emotions while making decision
  • Make objective calls all time.



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