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The CFA course thus far has been an interesting experience with the varied teaching styles used by the course facilitators. Having taken accounting courses in the past, majority of the topics being introduced in the CFA classes have not been foreign to me. The classes have generally been a refresher course on the accounting knowledge I already have. The approach of transferring knowledge used by the facilitators have however been remarkably different from my past experiences and that has made the class extremely unique.

The facilitators have perfected the art of simplifying accounting knowledge, principles and terminologies to a degree that make the learning process easy and fun. The classes have also been sufficiently engaging for the entire class irrespective of one’s prior accounting knowledge.

One other thing that has been remarkable has been the facilitators’ ability to identify those members of the class who were struggling with the new principles being taught. They were then able to carry the struggling members of class along by either direct interaction or by pairing them with other class members who were more at ease with accounting.

One draw-back however has been one of the facilitator’s dwelling on the same point while seemingly forgetting the full picture of the syllabus and its requirements. In the end some classes seem rushed as the facilitator attempts to catch up when the class falls behind.

Overall the CFA classes have been a wonderful learning experience, full of exciting and innovative teaching styles.


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