Leading With Authenticity #EMBA27

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Leading with Authenticity

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast. I mean who best to learn Leadership from than the Founder of Life Church. has 37 locations in 7 states across the USA. Do you know YOUVERSION? that Bible App you use on your phone with so many devotional plans covering thousands of topics? Yeah… that one. It’s been installed on over 500 million unique devices, offering 2,965 Bible versions in 1,793 languages for free, with no ads popping up. That’s the creation of Life Church, under the leadership of Craig Groeschel. Craig is of course, also a New York Times bestseller.

I am merely giving you this history to explain why Craig will continue to be my favorite leadership teacher because it should take a lot of leadership attributes to run such a huge, innovative, rapidly growing organization with so many employees. However, Craig is not my main subject for today, it is his guest on the latest episode of his Podcast – Jamie Kern Lima.

Jamie is the founder of IT cosmetics, ‘a problem-solving make-up line of over 300 products’ which she sold to L’Oréal for 1.2 billion dollars in CASH! Craig had her on his Leadership Podcast this month (March 2022) for a QandA. The insights I gleaned from the 1-hour long Interview are so invaluable and I want to share just two of them here in hopes that it inspires you.

Jamie on Rejection

When you change your relationship with rejection you change your life, teams, and business. We cannot reach our true calling, our true potential, if we don’t change our relationship with rejection. When you are going after a higher calling, your purpose, and chasing your dreams, it’s only natural to receive rejections now and then. Rejection comes with the territory of being the brave one. Let it roll off of you. Do not dwell on it except to consider the feedback from whoever rejected you. It doesn’t mean you’re not enough or that your dreams are not valid.
I have faced a lot of rejections, especially from experts. One told me women will never buy beauty products from someone that looks like me. Six years later after L’Oréal bought my business and made me CEO, that same person called me to say, ‘I was wrong, and ended up working for me.
Note: Always ask for feedback from people who reject you. Ask them why. The criticism you get from them can come in handy.

Jamie on Authenticity
Authenticity alone doesn’t guarantee success but inauthenticity does guarantee failure. It’s just not all about strategy, location, cash flow, etc You have to be believable. Authenticity is one of the least talked about attributes of great leadership. People will rather follow someone real than someone right.

Jamie on the most important attributes to watch out for when hiring.
Congruency of the mission is one important quality in anyone I brought into my team. I replaced myself on QVC with 3 women that had their lives authentically changed by the product. I didn’t hire TV salespeople. I hired these women who believed in our vision and taught them sales and TV.
Want to listen to the full podcast? Click here


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