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I have always loved being a network engineer, just being able to handle complex projects and ensure that it is completed successfully gives me joy. However, at a point in one’s career, we always have to evaluate our options and make good decisions that affect our future. I have also done technical roles and when to explore beyond that hence the reason I am running an MBA program.

These are my top factors to consider before choosing a new career.

  1. My Happiness: I always tell my friends that I cannot last at a job I am not happy doing. There is this popular quote by Mary Lauretta where she said that to be successful, the first thing to do is to fall in love with the work. To a certain extent, my current job gives me this feeling of happiness because of the kind of bosses I report to. They allow me to make important decisions in the organization. Sometimes I go the extra mile of working odd hours because I derive joy in the job. I would not change that for anything.
  2. Salary Structure: I would be lying if I said an improved salary is not important. To whom much is given, much is expected. I believe that if a huge responsibility is placed on me as a manager in any organization I find myself in, the take-home should be commensurate to the job role alongside other benefits.
  3. Training: The only constant thing in life is change and what was learned in 2020 may be obsolete in 2023. I would expect that there is an allocation for training whereby I am able to improve myself and my team. I believe that a team is as weak as its weakest link so everyone has to constantly be trained. Training must be in line with my professional and personal development
  4. Work Style: The pandemic has proven to us that work style can evolve and many people have shown that they can be as productive working at home as well as in the office. I think there should be a balance in work style particularly of the commute time from home to office is quite a distance.
  5. Values of the Company: This is the most important factor to consider before taking any job. The value of a company encompasses what the business stands for. The beliefs, philosophies, and principles of the organization must be in line with mine.

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