The mirage of quick riches – Part 2

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At the end of the wedding reception, Jaden approached Mike, one of the seven young men that rained naira notes during the occasion. He is from the same village as Jaden, although a different clan.

He was startled at how quickly Mike made money, one year after graduation.

Jaden asked him how he was able to make so much money in such a short time, remembering how broke he was exactly one year before the wedding ceremony.

Mike smiled and told him that he was so lucky to have met an old friend who “showed him the way” to sudden riches.

Jaden’s eyes became wide open with so much curiosity to know what this “way” could be, so he asked what business Mike was into.

Mike was unable to give any meaningful answer to the inquiry. However, he invited Jaden to the city for a meeting with his friend, who he promised would be of help to him.

Jaden accepted the invitation with so much excitement. Finally, there seemed to be a way out of this poverty that has ravaged my family for so many years, he mumbled.

The next morning, Jaden was on his way to the city. He decided to meet Mike’s friend before returning to school.

He was warmly welcomed by Mike and his friend, Casmir. They acknowledged and appreciated his desire to bid farewell to poverty.

Nonetheless, he was not prepared for pleasantries. All he wanted was to be shown the way to riches.

Finally, they informed him that they were into “Yahoo plus,” which they posited does not harm anyone.

Although he was not very comfortable with the nature of their business, he agreed to join them since it was a sure and quicker means to make wealth. His craving to become rich was so great that it overshadowed his sense of reason and morality.

Jaden stayed in the city with his new friends and business associates for another week.

During his stay, they took him to a shrine, where they met a herbalist, whom they claimed supported them spiritually in closing deals.

When Jaden got to the shrine, he met the scary-looking herbalist, who asked him if he was ready and prepared for the journey he was about to embark on.

He responded, “Yes,” with a strong affirmation.

The herbalist made him swear an oath of allegiance to the shrine and told him that he had a job to do.

According to the herbalist, completing the task successfully would open the floodgates of wealth.

Jaden was instructed to have canal knowledge of both his mum and only sister. He was expected to complete the horrible task within seven days.

Owing to the limited time he had to complete this assignment, he dashed down to the village the next morning.

His family members were surprised to see him because they expected him to be in school. However, Jaden lied, saying that he had forgotten an important document at home.

He waited for everyone to go out, except his younger sister, who was still preparing lunch in the kitchen.

Then he innocently walked to the kitchen and started chatting with his sister, as he usually does.

A few minutes after he came into the kitchen, he jumped on his unsuspecting sister. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop her from screaming.

She screamed so loudly that neighbors and passersby rushed to her rescue.

He was beaten to stupor by the village youths for his attempted rape of his sister.

The police were also involved to prosecute him. However, he was first taken to the hospital, where he spent two weeks receiving medical treatment.

As soon as he left the hospital, he was handed over to the police.

By this time, the seven-day period for the task had elapsed, so he could not successfully complete it.

His friends were worried about him because they understood the implications of his failure to do as instructed by the herbalist.

As the friends anticipated, Jaden began to shout and speak incoherently while in police custody.

Initially, the police thought he was feigning madness until he began to damage everything around him.

He was eventually released to the family, a total lunatic.

Jaden never made the money he dreamt of, and he never completed his final year in school.

This is the mirage of quick riches.


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