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The Lagos Business School organized our first intensive week between the 7th and 11th of March, 2022. I had planned for this session right from the beginning of the MBA course in January 2022. My annual leave was already pre-planned to fall within this period to avoid any work-related distraction. I had mindfully tuned off most of my social activities for that week. However, the pace and activities were quite intense but still exciting throughout the week.

One week later, after a good dose of rest, I have decided to put my experience together. This excitement and accomplishment from my first Intensive week at LBS EMBA program had to be put down in writing.

A dose of Analysis of Business Problems (ABP).

Usually, the ABP class has a way of making you “unthink the way one was reasoning”. During this intensive week, we were on overdrive in a good way. I remember one of my colleagues comments. She mentioned that whenever she analyzed a case before the class, everything seemed to be turned inside out during the class. More facts seem to be exposed during the class sessions. Our very experienced ABP facilitator knows how to get one to think clearly and deeply about any given problem. She makes one get to a point where one would have to ask the right set of questions each time.

We had about 4-5 different ABP cases studies during the intensive week to analyze. In addition, we had a group case study presentation that brought the best in the team. We analyzed these problems from various perspectives to a point leveraging the 4 W’s – the where, when, what, and why. Gradually these started forming part of our thought process in problem-solving.

For that week, there was just no letting off on ABP; we were on full throttle. Our destination was to make us both better problem analyzers in our various businesses. With this came better decisions making skills based on the appropriate problem-solving process.

A Dash of Probability in Data Analysis (DA).

Before the Intensive week, our DA classes used to be a bit less practical. During that week, it was brought to life in several of the business decisions and cases we reviewed.

The objective of our classes became really about putting the DA skills into real-life situations. The probabilities in manufacturing defects, supply issues, and profitability outcomes of share purchases were used as cases during the sessions. Multiple class assignments ensured that the learnings of the course and the importance were brought home. Class participation peaked for many during the DA classes as everyone was carried along during the class.

Overall, I enjoyed the DA classes and I am always on the lookout for the application in a real-life setting.

Those Financial Reports with Corporate Finance Analysis (CFA).

Professor Akinola Owolabi has never failed to deliver in his classes. He did not fail either to bring out the best in our financial acumen in the intensive week.

We worked through various examples and financial reports during the multiple classes of that week. I got to understand better where and when to place company asset and equity statements in various ledgers. We also delved into the concept of accruals and their impact on financials. Even the confusing debit and credit sides of various accounts became clearer than before. Any further misunderstanding were wiped out with the group assignment.

The goal in the CFA classes during the intensive week as clear. It was to expose these executives to the basics of corporate financing. In addition to this, it was to prepare them for clear understanding and interpretation of financial statements. That objective was clearly achieved- with the long classes, coupled with some late evening assignments during that week, it really hit home.

The Daily Applicable Management Communication (MC).

Of all the classes I am currently enrolled in for this MBA, none had as much everyday applicability as Management Communication. This is all about the Management Communication class. The intensive week presented an opportunity for us to cement a lot of the various learnings during the semester.

It was also an opportunity to meet Dr. Eugene Ohu for the first time. With his sincere encouragement to the class, one could easily see that he loves what he was doing. He wants to bring out the best communication skills in us. During the intensive week, he set out to do just that. From the individual presentations in front of the class to the group presentations, we had to put into practice the things we had learned in the past weeks. We also gave each other feedback during the role-plays as additional ways to learn.

Public speaking for most of us is usually a bit unnerving. However. during the week, with Dr. Eugene’s encouragement, we all made sure we went away knowing how to tame the butterflies in the stomach that come up when the prospect of public speaking arises.

At The End of the Week…

Overall, it was quite an engaging and exciting week. I enjoyed every bit, including the opportunity to network with my colleagues once again. I also took away lots of practical learnings from the various classes, group assignments, and from the facilitators. As the entire class got together for a social event the evening of the last day, I could not help but notice the improved positivity in the air.

As I continue in the program and in the various classes, I continue to think about my experience and learnings. For those, I remain grateful to the school for allowing me to be part of this journey.

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