Nice meeting you, Tamy.

Peters Olaoluwa Awomolo Written by Peters Olaoluwa Awomolo · 2 min read >

We ended the Corporate financial accounting class at about 10:20am that Saturday morning, the weekend after the intensive week. It was about 5 minutes into our tea-break time. Prof Ojiabo apparently had a good time with our class, EMBA27, and would not let us go on time as he always have one extra thing to say with his fascinating sense of humor.

I, being the governor of the class, quickly drew his attention to the time and quietly mentioned that we were on tea break. Gabriella, the class supervisor, seconded my submission and he gave us a release, “you can all go for your tea break”, he said. I stepped out with some of my classmates, and we walked down together to the cafeteria. The menu was the usual snack and tea, we were all on queue and of course, catching up with each other on how our week went continued.

It was while waiting that I saw Ejiro. She was not physically in class during the CFA class but she confirmed she joined online, apparently became she came a bit late. She was a bit distracted during our pleasantries because she had almost everyone around her saying hello and she was trying to respond at the same time. I patted her at the back and gave a light hug before getting back on the queue to take my snack. I took the meat pie and a cup of coffee.

Then my journey meeting Nana began. She was already seated on the dinning, alone by herself. As I turned from the serving point, I couldn’t help but to notice her. Straightaway I went to join her. She was seeping her hot tea and I could bet she wasn’t ready for any distraction, but also, I sensed she must a pleasant lady, so I extended greetings and introduced myself the way I like to confidently do; Hi, seems I have met you at the ABP classes? My name is Peters. She responded, Hello, yea, am Tamy, good to meet you.

I sat with her and beckoned to another friend, Chiedu, to join us, and she gladly did. I needed to know her more, but we started out on the note of her LBS MBA experience. She is on full time MBA. We were both a bit inquisitive of each other as regards our meeting point, the program. She asked how I was coping on the program, the assignment, the faculty and the general outlook. She sounded like an encourager and I think indeed she was. I had quickly mentioned my challenge with Eugene’s blogging, a requirement on Management Communication course. She shared her experiential view on same suggesting that it shouldn’t be taken too serious and burdensome as a project, but a casual and delightful expression of interest, engagements, meetings, experience and all occurrences of my typical days. She mentioned that she could blog on meeting me today, the discussion we are having and any sort thing that comes natural. I thought about what she said and it was spot on. By this point we needed to quickly return back to class as our tea break was over. I thought to beat her to it, just before she blogs about me, although she only said that in passing, I would take the lead first.

This is the bonding spirit of the LBS MBA cohorts, everyone is just a bunch of pleasant people and you cannot just but be glad to meet them and have something good as memory of your time shared. Tamy, it was good meeting you and now I am your friend.

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