My Intensive week experience Ep 2

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 The last post outlined the decision to the intensive week, now will be the intensive week itself, and how I survived that.

Recall that I said I stay on the mainland and LBS school is at the far end of the island after Ajah. So, accommodation was key for me. Fortunately, I have an uncle that stays about 7minutes from LBS so that was a win. Spoke to them and stayed with them. An exciting experience.

With all the high expectations of the intensive week, I must say I was not disappointed at all in my experience.

Financial accounting suddenly looked easier as it was thought a couple of times during the week. I could also walk up to people I see knew better. Not that, that was my first physical participation, but the rapport with certain people became better as we see each other for longer hours. Conversations were more comfortable and the willingness to become vulnerable to someone else was easier.

Group discussions were more fun to have and argue points. Being online and not seeing other people’s faces and reactions to things, assumptions, and perceptions about other are formed sometimes incorrectly, so with being physical and in the same place, it was less competitive. People can get across their opinions. Relationships with other group members became a little stronger. I will not necessarily say everyone is now friends, but I think people are now more comfortable opposing others’ opinions without feeling a certain type of way.

Management communication classes for the intensive week were the fire. I was going to talk about this last, but I think I am too eager to ‘jist’ now. WHAT! I enjoyed every bit of this. Recall I said earlier that becoming vulnerable in front of others became easier? Management communication set the pace.

On the schedule for the intensive week, the objective for management communication was to enhance our presentation skills. The first task was the individual presentation. The topic was sent earlier and it was to select a company that exists in the stock market and basically to make a pitch to a group of investors in one minute convincing them to invest in the business.

I chose ABC Transport and prepared my pitch. I believed the idea was good and that delivering it will not be a challenge. On getting to class, listening to the first few people speak, I just kept thinking to myself, if what I had done was enough and the kind of feedback I will receive with this. I am not sure this my idea was going to fly. While battling that thought, my name came up and I was the next to present. You can imagine getting to the middle of the class, wanting to present to a group of investors, and not being well prepared.

Thanks for reading the second episode of my intensive week. This is a 3-episode write-up. Please join me tomorrow as I complete this juicy discussion.

Until then, my name is Maimuna and I will see you tomorrow.

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