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It is pertinent to regularly check ourselves against the best standards available in different facets of our lives. This will help us make the necessary adjustments for highly impactful living.

When I think of this sort of adjustment, what readily comes to my mind is the word “recalibrate.”

Recalibrate, according to the Cambridge dictionary, means “to change the way you do or think about something”.

In addition, the words “calibrate” and “recalibrate” are common in the oil and gas industry. They describe some of the numerous measures that this industry puts in place to prevent and/or reduce accidents.

In order to safely manage the process fluids like crude oil and natural gas, the associated process variables like pressure, level, flow, temperature, etc., are monitored and measured continuously, and the results are used to keep them within their safe operating limits.

There are instruments that are specially designed for the monitoring and measurement of these process variables, like the transmitters.

For these instruments to function effectively, the maintenance team periodically conducts preventive maintenance checks on them. One of these preventive maintenance activities is calibration checks.

Before this instrument is deployed in a process plant, it is calibrated, or simply put, tested and set against a primary or reference standard.

The primary standards are the best measurements that are obtainable in the industry.

Basically, what is done to the installed instruments is to check for any deviation from the original settings that were made in reference to the primary standard. For example, if the true temperature of the process fluid is 50 °C, the instrument with a deviation may report a value of 56 °C.

Hence, the need to readjust the instrument to accurately measure the process variables.

Once a deviation is observed in any of the instruments, the instrument is recalibrated, which is to reset it back to the primary standard for accurate and reliable measurements.

This activity is one of the essential things that are done during the periodic preventive maintenance activities.

Having gone through the description above, it is very important that we do periodic recalibration of our lives for us to have a meaningful impact on our generation.

After these three months in LBS, there are several areas that I need to recalibrate; I will talk about one of these areas.

Besides, I believe that this also applies to most of my classmates.

Time management is an area that needs the most immediate recalibration in my daily endeavours.

Considering that I have my family, my business, and the LBS classes and assignments to attend to, time these days is no longer sufficient to complete the various tasks that I have.

So, the need to make necessary adjustments, which will help me optimize my time, cannot be over emphasized.

This may require getting training or speaking to people that can guide me to better manage my time.

Another thing I can do is to avoid friends that are “time wasters” or activities that add little or no value.

In conclusion, we all need to conduct self-assessments to understand the aspects of our life that require recalibration. However, we should not only identify these areas, but go a step further to ensure we recalibrate.


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