My Intensive Week Ep1

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As an LBS student with a valid admission, In the year planner, a week is dedicated in every semester and it is termed an “Intensive week” and I will narrate my view of the intensive week as a first-timer attending an intensive week, the experience will forever be precious First, as days went by leading to the intensive week, the demands at work made it look impossible to take some time off work to attend the intensive week at school. Did I mention that an intensive week is a weekday event scheduled to take place 9 am – 5 pm (more or less the time we work) so juggling the intensive week and work was not an option. What made it worse was that my direct report line manager was away on annual leave and had handed over the running of the team to me. Luckily, my boss came back just a couple of days before the intensive week and I was relieved but there was still a pile of work on my table to be attended to. Nevertheless, not attending the intensive week was not an option. Very quickly, I applied for a 6day leave so I could attend the intensive week for 5days and then rest on the 6th day. This was the best plan I could come up with. The leave was approved and I knew I had to make the most use of it After crossing the work hurdle then came the home hurdle to cross. Earlier in the year, my husband changed jobs and is to work from Ghana. While I have a nanny, will it be safe to leave the kids for a nanny for one full week? I stay on the mainland, LBS school is situated on the far end of the Island. It will be killing to go to school and come back home daily. The kids’ school is very close to the house so taking them to the island for a week will mean that they will miss a week of school. Again, that option is not acceptable. As I seat to analyze my options, days were rolling by and the day to the starting of the intensive week was fast approaching. What will be my reason for missing this once-in-a-semester opportunity? I constantly replayed that question in my head and the consequences that came with it. My husband was in Lagos for that weekend, so we deliberated this together. he had an engagement with his family and boom the idea came. We were going to plead with his mum to come and play a supervisory role for the one week that I will be gone for. His mum runs a towel store at one of the busiest markets in Lagos (Lagos Island Market) so getting her to leave her business was asking for a lot, but because the kids will also go to school from Monday through Friday, the the plan was for her to still go about her daily business during the day and come back home as she would have done at home. In the next episode, I will talk about the week and how I survived it. Thanks for reading. See you next time.  

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