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The team dynamics and diversity for group 2 have been very encouraging and collaborative. We usually work a lot together even within classes and beyond. Everyone seems to bring their A-game to group assignments and projects, encouraging each other to be the best they can be. We work hard but still have time to have fun at the same time. However, no activity had brought out the team dynamic and diverse nature to date as the Analysis of Business Problems (ABP) presentation assignment that we had during our first intensive week at LBS EMBA27.

The Assignment and The Plan.

Our MC facilitator, Dr, Yetunde Anibaba gave us a team assignment during the intensive week. We were to prepare and present a team feedback on the case ‘Target Corporation: The Canadian Decision’. We had just one week to do so and present the same week by Friday.

The team was excited at the prospect and we all agreed to meet that week Tuesday evening after we had all taken time out to study the case. It was quite an interesting case and some of us had to read it multiple times to fully immerse ourselves into the situation at Target.

At our first preparatory meeting, we quickly delved into the issues at hand after exchanging initial pleasantries. There were two major areas in this case study: the first was financial, and the second was more qualitative. Our group was made up of finance majors, healthcare specialists, and also colleagues from various professional backgrounds. To capitalize on our strength, we agreed to split the task into two groups, focusing on the two areas of the case. In addition, as the final selection of eventual speaker would be by the facilitator herself, each of us had to be individually ready to pitch during the submission presentation.

With this plan in place, we broke up into our sub-groups to deliberate on the subject matter.

The Subgroup Dynamics.

Though we were now fewer in the subgroups, we did not lack the required diversity needed for the task. My subgroup had to focus on the non-qualitative side of the problem and get back to the main group with our position on the case. We addressed the case from various angles, bringing out opinions and feedback that shorn more light on the case. I was very much impressed with the quality of the deliberations as we proceeded to dissect the Target case concerns. We brainstormed for hours while engaging in constructive conflicts on any areas of disagreement. Contrary opinions to a discussion were presented with respect, and members were willing to help each other in any explanation when needed. My subgroup closed our deliberations quite late in the night, but by then we believed we had done a good job on the case.

Putting It All Together

The next morning in class, we eventually met up with the main group to report back and combine all our opinions. We heard all the stories of the deliberations and healthy arguments from the other subgroup as they gave their feedback as well. After we merged our positions and finalized the pitch, we were all quite happy with the effort put in and were hoping for a great outing. We were ready for the D-day.

The Presentation.

The presentation went very well I must say at the end of the day. Each of us was already well prepared beforehand and could handle the pitch with ease in front of the entire class, irrespective of who was eventually chosen. When we were eventually called upon and a group member selected by the facilitator for the pitch, he gave a good presentation with the sound argument we had put together. He combined this with a fluid and engaging presentation style. This gave credence to the efforts and the preparation that had gone in during the preparation stage.

In the end, both the facilitator and the entire class gave kudos to the entire group for the presentation we had. Irrespective of the final score we get for the ABP group assignment, I appreciated the true culture of LBS at play within the team during the preparation work: care for details, mutual respect, service, professionalism, and integrity.

As we continue our journey in the LBS EMBA program and beyond, may these values continue to guide our path always.

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