Reasons why employees lose motivation (Nigeria Workplace)

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As someone who works in a corporate organization, I have carried out some research on why employees lose motivation. These are my top five

  1. Poor Leadership: This is by far the number one reason why people leave their organization, a bad leader can shorten your life span. Yes, I am serious. Some of the characteristics of a bad leader is tthat there do not take feedback for their employee as they believe everything they say and do is always right. This forces the employee to keep their thoughts to themselves, thereby making them less innovative. Another is neglecting the career goals of your employee. At the start of a person’s career, they usually have long-term and short-term goals, if these goals are not met as a result of a boss, people tend to leave.
  2. No Work/Life balance: I would say people tend to leave a job where there is a lack of flexibility. I recall working on the Island and leaving on the mainland, this resulted in me leaving my house at 5 am and returning at about 9 pm. I did that for a year and it almost cost me my life. I had to sit down with my employers and requested that I be moved to branch on the mainland. In essence, when people spend most of their lives working and have little or no time to spend with family, it tends to make them lose motivation and reconsider their options.
  3. Unrealistic Workload: This is very common in many Nigerian workplaces. One person will be the Aadmin manager, the IT engineer and Sale rep. in an organization, It’s not sustainable. I recall a friend of mine Kunle Adelaja, explaining to me that this was his primary reason for leaving his previous employment. He stated that one of his colleagues had resigned and he was told to step in and add his colleagues job role to his and was told it was going to be temporary. He juggled the two rules for almost 8 months with no increase to his salary. When he asked his manager why there was a delay in the recruitment of the staff, he was told there was no need to employ a new staff as he was doing a fantastic job. It was at that moment Kunle decided to leave the company.
  4. Sign of unfairness: In most Nigerian organizations, there are usually what we call full staff and contract staff. This is common, particularly in the banking sector. This brings about division in an organization because the full staff is usually paid better for doing the same job as the contract staff. In some organizations, contract staff is not given the same benefits as their counterpart in terms of their pensions and Health insurance. This leaves lots of staff under-motivated.
  5. No growth: People tend to not like doing the same thing every day for a year talk more of in 5 years. People want to grow. And when there do not have a career path within their organization they tend to lose motivation.


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