My Fuel Scarcity Experience……

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Fuel scarcity is usually a nightmare in Lagos as the queues are usually too long for me to cope with. When I realized that another scarcity was blooming and there were pocket of ques here and there, It appeared very unserious that I did not take too much fuss about why many people are crowded at the fuel stations.

Little did I know that I was setting myself up for not paying so much attention. My tank was below half and began to panic especially when Hubstar is not around to help me with the que. Luckily, 2days after was a Saturday – a school day at LBS and then I set out with faith. Faith for many reasons. I was hoping to get fuel, I was hoping not to see traffic on my route – if I wasn’t going to get fuel, the least I hoped for was not seeing traffic on my route.

As I approached VI, about to take turn to Osbourne through Dolphine Estate, one mind says just go straight jare and take Onikan, it will be faster – so I followed my instinct and headed towards Onikan. As I descended the bridge passing the army barrack, I noticed that the Mobil fuel station after the army barrack was selling fuel and the que was impressively short. I thought to myself “today is my lucky day”. While I stayed in the queue thinking if I was going to make the class, it was more important for me to get the fuel (lol).

As I stayed on the line, the line chaperone was very efficient, directing cars to empty pumps, I thought to myself that today is my lucky day. To cut the long story short, I bought fuel in less than 20minutes and I was driving out very proud. I managed the fuel throughout the week

The next Saturday, I tried the same trick hoping to get the same result – this was easy, right? Not as easy as it seems. the queue was longer, there was an inefficient chaperone directing the cars and their positioning. So it came to my turn and I entered as directed not knowing I was setting myself for a longer wait time. I should have stayed on the line and move organically. He had directed me to a pump where my tank is not easily facing and I thought to myself that i will manage it when i get to the pump. Moving forward, the lady at the pump told me that she was not going to sell to because of where the faced….. ahhhh Hanty…what should i do about that one o…. exactly what i thought in my head.

I quickly walked up close to her, I looked at my left where my pump was facing and it did not look like an option – the line was so tight, everyone on the line was moving so close behind each other frowning their faces, I thought this will not be an easy task. So I told the lady attendant that, please ma, I know you do not want to sell in this position but I think you need to tell your colleague that directed me to this line to do it with a bit more intellect knowing you do not want to sell with this positioning and then she said to me…… na because you be woman ooo….

Na so I take buy fuel…


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