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It was nice to meet some of my classmate in person for the first time. Being able to seek clarity from them and the different Facilitators’ was great. Especially for the Data Analysis Classes, which I had trouble understanding while attending classes online. Available advise I received from a classmate was to watch youtube videos for subjects and courses that I had trouble understanding. My classmate was also nice enough to recommend some specific channels for me to visit. The unity in my class is really amazing..

Below is case study we treated during Analysis Business Problems (ABP) class

Alusaf Hillside Project

At the beginning of 1994, Alusaf was considering building the world’s largest greenfield primary aluminum smelter, a 466,000-ton-per-year facility at Richard’s Bay, a deepwater port on the east coast of South Africa’s province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Alusaf was the sole primary aluminum producer in South Africa, operating 170,000 tpy of capacity at the existing “Bayside” facility at Richard’s Bay. Alusaf’s 1993 revenues were $220.2 million, up 1% from 1992. Income was $8.6 million, up 122% from 1992.

The Decision

At the beginning of 1994, aluminum prices stood at $1,110. Aluminum-producing countries had scheduled meetings in the coming months to address the world glut of aluminum, but it was unclear whether prices would recover anytime soon. Barbour wondered whether he should commit to this enormous and ambitious project in the face of these uncertain industry conditions.



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