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It is my great gain to have the LBS session of analysis Business problem. which gives me clear guidance on how to analyze and identify the problem, then find the solution and have the demonstration of our alternative solution. my understanding is that business Analysis is all about asking the right question and having the right object to make sure the direction is correct. I’d like to list the 8 steps Business Analysts way to solve the problem:

1. Understanding the situation

This basic requirement is reading the material carefully and getting the story and making sure you can provide a summary of all the background.

2. Identify and define the problem

the good answer and gid result always comes from the good questions. it requires us to have a good understanding of the business problem and identify this core problem with a summary sentence.

3. Define your objectives

this is the core part because this will fix the direction for the rest. Once that is fixed, that means all the analysis processes shall focus on this and provide the solution based on that. if this part is defined wrong, all the results will be far away from the expectation. I’d like to say this is a bit difficult, normally it shall not be the action list, shall not be criteria, it shall be a picture that after we solve the core problem.

4. Generate alternatives

Always making alternatives for different situations is important. which can make us be open mind and more perspective and get different ways to solve the problems. good options will lead to the result quility. there always be option 2 even option 3 available to make sure we have the space to bak to another dirction especailly when we can not get the completed answer from Option 1.

5. Identify criteria/consideration/ limitation

Identifying the root cause is the next activity in analyzing the data. find the key factors which lead to the curercntly problem or which is related to impact this situation. Proper root cause analysis will help in subsequent phases of problem-solving.

6. Analysis the alternative

Based on different alternatives and the supporting data, to find the best way to solve this problem.

7. Make a choice & take the decision

Once available solutions are put into perspective, the next step is to define the best solution to implement. At this stage, POC (Proof of concept) of the solution can help to finalize the solution. Test review of the solution implemented in production should be done at this stage. This should be a continuous process to test the solution until you get the confidence of a successful resolution of the problem.

8. Develop an action plan

All the analyses are not for the purpose, but to give a clear picture of the problem and the root reason of this problem, and find the criteria to solve this problem. and make the decision to have the plan to solve the key points, and solve the problem. no matter how good a plan you have, if that can not come true, that is zero and meaningless.

Above all, These are the 8 steps of solving the problem the Business Analyst’s way. which is helpful to survival from the comprehensive business problem. especially from the background→problem statement→find the objective→Identify the criteria→ have the action plan, which is critical to me to guide the problem analysis, and make the decision more scientific and detail. with that , we can find the proper solution and powerful evidenace and even provide detailed statements why others are not the proper way.

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