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I think I can speak for 80% of the class when I say that, we were all looking forward to the Analysis of Business problem (APB) class during the intensive week. This is one of the few courses that I would say requires your full attention and mental space when trying to analyze a subject matter. We were given a total of 4 cases to analyze two of which were scheduled for the first class. The first case was Ace Automotive. Ace Automotive was a case characterized by logic and Maths. At first read, the case threw me off balance as I had to read the case about 4 times to get an understanding of the case. We were all prepared for the class and lo and behold the lecturer walks in.

The case is about Ace Automotive which is one of four divisions of Spartan industries. It was acquired in 1987 by McCullough who stayed on as its president and doubles as the plant manager. Bruce McCullough was retained as the President of ACE and doubles as the Plant Manager of its Saint Peters plant which occupies a 125,000 square-foot area in Missouri. The problem statement of this case was Which contracts should Ace automotive pursue and what presses to use? The case study had three options to choose from.Dr. Anibaba explained in detail how we were to approach the case. She stated that we first identify the objective, afterward, we were to identify the criteria to be used to make the decision. We should ask ourselves if the criteria give us alternatives. She also stated that this particular case study had a lot of calculations as the numbers would allow us to make informed decisions.

She gave room for a review of her course, she wanted to get feedback from us. Several people had something to say, some were feedback, while some were questions. Ada-Osifo said she had improved in her ability to analyze a case, however, sometimes she hear the voice of the lecturer say “and so what” which is what the lecturer would say when you are not hitting the nail on the head during your case analysis. Some others stated that they had started using the strategy in their everyday life, they try to identify the purpose of any situation, these included their professional, social and personal life. I recall the lecturer saying that when it appears easy in getting the criteria, you have to review the case further because some cases are designed to trick you. She also stated that we should remain any bias when analyzing any case. I recall telling her that when I analyze a case, I ask myself “what would Dr.Anibaba say?” she advised I should not do that and understand the case because in real life I have to make the decisions myself.

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