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We all want to be successful. It is unusual to see people choose failure if there are other options.

The truth is that reality is more complex. The choice between success and failure is not straightforward. If it were, everyone will be successful.

Success depends on a lot of factors. We are going to discuss how the environment plays a role in success.

The Environment

Environment refers to external conditions and surroundings. We may live, work, study and do a host of activities in this environment. Early in life, we do not get to choose our environment. Our parents choose for us.

Firstly, let us consider the effect of the environment on opportunities. Someone who grew up in a corn farming community is likely to become a corn farmer. Again, a Nigerian is less likely to become a professional skier. The farmer will have to move to a rice farming community to become a rice farmer. Also, the Nigerian will have to move to a country with ski slopes to become a skier. So we can say that the our opportunities are limited by our environment.

Secondly, let us look at the effect of the environment on knowledge. We are fortunate to live in the internet era. Knowledge is readily available at the click of a button. However, if you live in a place without internet then your access to knowledge. Thus, the environment that we find ourselves has an effect on us.

A body of Knowledge

Ever since the 1970s, many successful technology companies have started in Silicon Valley. It is a synonymous with successful. However, starting a company in Silicon Valley does not guarantee success. Many startups in Silicon Valley fail just like every where else. Since many companies also succeed, they drown out the failure.

LBS is similar to Silicon Valley in that regard. Like most top educational institutions in the world,  it’s graduates are amongst the top in industry and leadership. You will not hear the stories of burn outs, drop outs and hardships.

The level of shock to the system coming from an overwhelming number of deliverables, was enormous. We had to cope. The only reasonable way to over come our problem was to rely on the members of our groups. I was fortunate to find myself in a great team. Our team dynamics was very good. We leveraged on each other’s strengths to overcome many challenges. I am not sure I could have made it so far without my team.



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