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This was the simple question asked by Chinedu, a childhood friend after completing his university education some years back. Chinedu was a brilliant chap. Always on top of the class since our primary school days. We always look forward to Chinedu for most of our assignment and assistance with explanations in tough areas of any school class exercise. There is hardly a subject in secondary school Chinedu could not trash. This ability continued with him through out his university days in where he organizes tutorials for his course mates in universities.

He was born without a silver spoon. He had to see himself through school by organizing tutorials and private lessons, both for his course mates and those of lower levels. This friend of mine hard it tough going through school as he could barely afford school fees payment let alone buying textbooks and lecture handouts for himself.

Afterall these efforts, he was able to graduate with first class in accounting. Everyone was happy including his parents for the discipline and tenacity to success. Chinedu made effort to get a job after school for few years all to no avail. He was advised to take up a professional course in accounting so he could be a professional accountant. Chinedu obliged and enrolled for Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN) professional examinations so he could be qualified and hopefully, get a good job. Chinedu started from Skill level as a graduate of accounting studies. It took him 4 years to be qualified as a professional accountant. As usual, everybody thought that with the professional certificate, job will be easy for him to get especially as an accountant. Unfortunately, he spent several years after looking for a job as an accountant. At this juncture, my friend was tired of the job search and felt frustrated. He thought of some of his colleagues who are not as brilliant as he is, but able to get good paying jobs in multinational companies. He could mention a lot he had taken personal and general tutorials while in universities turning out well in life while he watched his life gradually sinking in the mud.

Chinedu came to a conclusion that life is not fair to him and to all. Selected few who are lucky and also know those that matter in life prosper. At a point he felt life was not worth living as some people were destined to be poor. There was nothing else anyone could say to convince him otherwise nor put some measure of hope and faith in him. He could not see any light or possibility of the ray of light in the midst of his dark moment. Chinedu today still lives as someone who has totally lost hope. He needs help. Friend and family members have tried building faith into him with different encouraging words but all admonitions fell on deaf ears.

Presently, Chinedu is being rehabilitated as he has psychologically derailed. His mental state is now a huge concern for all and sundries who know him.



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