Intensive week was intense for me. I anticipated a week of fun, learning, and interactions with my classmates. I was able to get achieve all of that, that but what I did not anticipate was sleepless nights, stress, and hard work.

On my way to school, on the first day of the intensive week, I tried to process how the day was going to go. The timetable had said that individual presentations were going to happen on the first day at school, but I did not know what to expect, but as I drove into the entrance of the school, my attention was focused on the Security men.

These men were so courteous, friendly, and not forceful.   I was greeted with a smile at the entrance of the school gate. It was welcoming.  This simple gesture made me reflect on the why there was a need to train the people who are the first point of call of any organization. It would go a long way in boosting the image of the organization.

I settled in for the day’s activity at 8.30am. This gave me enough time to meet with the people that our interactions were only online.  There as genuine interest and show of love in our greetings. Shortly after, we were told to quickly head to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Breakfast was great.  The meal was delicious. I enjoyed every bit if it especially the bread. The bread was so soft and fresh. I could finish four at a stretch, but it was not just about the kitchen but on the kitchen staff.  the waitresses were courteous and happy to serve. The happiness radiated and it was infectious.

I observed that the people on campus greeted a lot. There was hardly anyone who would not say hello to you when you pass by, and the hello came with a smile. From the security men to the kitchen staff and now the people. I muttered that to myself I will greet people till I can greet them anymore.

We got to the day’s activities with Data analytics.  It was an interactive class. The lecturer ensured that he carried everyone along. The theories and calculations practiced in class applied to real world issues. We also had a mantra in class, and this was leave no one behind. Members of EMBA 27 tried to live up to this mantra. I scaled through this class.

We were loaded with various assignments from different lecturers to the point that we barely had five hours of sleep. I thought this was going to be the end of it because I was drained. We had group assignments that took three to five hours to complete. We also had presentations to work on and rehearse.  It was a stressful week. A stressful day.  I was tired and stretched. I wanted it to end.    t a point, I felt that I was not learning again. Everything was starting to look like an academic exercise, but we kept the ball rolling.

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