WHEN I DIE (A Story Of A 7-Year-Old Boy)

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When I Die

John woke up at 5:30 am and sat on the study table near the bed. He stood up and picked a book with a black cover. He held the book tenaciously to his chest as if he never wanted anyone to take it away from him. The mum woke up, seeing John on his knees, she decided not to disturb him but wanted to watch the drama till the end without distracting the actor. He was heard repeating the word: When I die, I will leave behind a better story, when I die, I will leave behind a better tomorrow when I die, I would be remembered for the lives I must have touched. Janet was watching her son mysteriously, not knowing what to say. Her eyes were filled with tears as she worked and kneeled beside him and prayed for her son.

Jabez’s Unfair Treatment

Apparently, John had been told the story of many great people in the bible who grew from a poor background to make a big impact in their generations. He was told a story of a man called Jabez who was born into a very poor home at a time when the economic conditions of the family were in a terrible state. He was named Jabez, interpreted as a child of sorrow, because of the hardship the parents were facing. As the children’s pastor was telling the story, many questions were running through John’s mind. What was the offense of Jabez? He whispered to his friend, David. He was confused, as to why the parents would do such a terrible thing to an innocent Jabez.

John’s Unanswered Questions

Janet was oblivious of what happened but wondered why John was insistent in knowing the meaning of his name. Your name is John, and it we got it from the bible, Janet slapped. John was not satisfied because he recalled the pastor also read Jabez’s name from the bible. With many unanswered questions, he went upstairs and sandwiched himself between the bed and the study table. After about 60 minutes, Janet found him far asleep. She lay him on his bed and kissed him good night.

The Meaning of My Name

John looked at his mum and asked with tears, mum, why Jabez’s parents were so unkind to him? What was his offense that they gave him the accursed name? Yes, Jabez prayed, and he was said to be rich later, but why was he treated so unfairly at birth? How do I know that my name too was not under a curse? As I was coming from church, I remembered my schoolmates whose parents are very rich, and I wondered maybe my name is the reason we are poor. Want is the meaning of my name, mum? I want to pray to God so that we also can be rich like the case of Jabez after his prayers. “I don’t want us to live in this miserable house again”, he said. Please tell me the meaning of my name.

From Sorrow to Joy

Sit, my son said Janet. Open your bible to Matthew chapter one and I would tell you the meaning of your name. She read the entire chapter and narrated the miracle of how John the Baptist was born in the bible. It was the happiest moment for young John. After Janet told her the story of John, he ran downstairs and went straight to the kitchen. He picked his breakfast already prepared by the nanny, Mrs. Dorcas, and joyfully took the cereal with milk. I will see you later in the afternoon, he waved to Mrs. Dorcas as he joined the red school bus and was whisked away.

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2 Replies to “WHEN I DIE (A Story Of A 7-Year-Old Boy)”

  1. Well written, Joshua.
    Our children should be exposed to teachings that will cause them to think differently.
    Unfortunately, video games, cartoons, etc., no longer allow them to think deeply about life and the impact they can make.

    1. I agree with @Obinna. Parents need to spend more time with the kids and be patient to clarify any issue they are concerned about. The way John processed what the children’s pastor was saying was quite different and unique. Sometimes the kids bottled up many issues bothering their mind and we as parents needs to be more engaging to get them speak. Thanks for your comment, Obinna

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