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Can I go back to the days of watching movies on Sundays and having afternoon naps?

Can I go back to the days of sleeping by 8:00 and waking up at 6:00?

Can I go back to the days of incessant calls without interjections of i-will call you back soon?

Can I go back?

Can I go back?

Success comes at a cost

It’s been 2 months at Lagos Business School and all I can think of is Bongo Adi’s words during class.

“If you don’t sleep for two months, you will not die”

Bongo was the facilitator for data analytics. He was one of those who loved style and fashion and had a very good dress sense. His classes came with a lot of “practice it yourself” class work.

On this very day, Bongo had given a test, and some of us couldn’t attempt it. He was not happy and decided to give us the talk.


You will need to uphold this reputation.

We are not called LBS for nothing.

The highest ranking In buisness mnagement schooling is lbs.

That’s the reason I’m still here.

From next week, I will not be joking with your class anymore.

We will be having a mid-term exam next week, so you better sit up.

His words cut through my skin.

no bongo, im not here for jokes

I thought about my sleeping habits, which had changed drastically since I started the course.

When we started in January, I didn’t quite understand that we were warming up when I began to sleep around 4 am once a week due to assignments that had to be done.

How did I get here?

By February, I was going to bed at 1:30 a.m. every day.

By March, I had graduated to 3:00am.

I noticed my body wasn’t complaining as it used to before. I also noticed that my reading capacity had improved thanks to twenty-something page case studies from Analytics of Business Studies and,of course, Eugène’s 262-page Harvard course that was in actuality more than 500 pages based on video and audio attachments, including do it yourself exercises.

As I sit here at 12:00am writing this blog as a fufilment of all righteousness, I’m still asking the question.

Can I go back? Of course not.

Ain’t nothing but forward.

LBS has opened a new life for me. I’m starting a new chapter of relevance where I’m constantly pushing myself to be more, Do more, think more, and work harder.

I can envisage that in the next month I might as well be losing the remaining 2 hours of sleep that I cherish so much right now for the improvement of my data analytics and  corporate financial accounting skills.

I am reminded of these great words.

He who puts his hand on the plough does not look back, or else he’ll will be unfit for the kingdom.

There is no looking back for some of us. We have to keep moving.





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  1. Hard work always pays. The Bible says weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. Joy is already here for you, because your wisdom, knowledge and brilliance will be well sought after. Keep working hard and keep trusting God. In Him lies our hope, joy, peace, prosperity and happiness. God bless you and renew your strength.

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