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No matter how perfect a market is, there are certain things whose PRICES either just cannot be fixed using any unit of measurement yet are either the essence of living or at the least make the living worth the while.

Below is an attempt to enumerate some of these important assets beyond VALUE for note and appropriate appreciation by all.   


While you may sometimes argue and get annoyed with your family, they are your unit and the ones that you can turn to in times of happiness and sorrow. No matter what you go through with your family, they will always be there to guide and support you and to help you learn and grow as a person.

The love from a family member is unconditional and should not be taken for granted. Some people go through life without truly appreciating just how important having their family’s support is and spend the majority their existence feeling unhappy. So, if you don’t usually show your family how much they mean to you, now is the time to start!


Just like family, friends are a vital part of our existence and happiness. They are people that can share the best parts of your life with you and will be there as a confidant when you need to talk about personal issues.

While real friends are hard to come by, most will have a handful of trusted friends that they can rely on. And even though you may outgrow certain friends during different stages of your life, you will have opportunities to form new relationships with people that you come across.


Love is the epicenter of every aspect of your life – it doesn’t just relate to having a partner. You will love your partner in a unique way, but you will also have unchangeable affection for your family and friends.

Love is also the feeling that will drive you throughout your career, extracurricular activities, interests, and hobbies. Moreover, you will experience love in its varying forms; you may go on holiday and fall in love with a particular city, cuisine or culture. What’s vital is that you embrace everything that you love and enjoy.


Sleep also plays a vital role in our physical and mental wellbeing. As reported in Healthline, ‘Sleeping less than 7–8 hours per night is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.’ But lack of sleep doesn’t only put our health at risk, as it also has a negative effect on our mood. Ever noticed how you have been grouchy and irritable when you have not had enough sleep? That is because poor sleep quality is directly linked to mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.


Water is the most critical part of survival – without clean water, we wouldn’t be able to live. Our bodies are made up of up to 60% of water, and it’s used in all our cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate our temperature and maintain other bodily functions. Therefore, to ensure that we aren’t dehydrated and at risk of falling ill, we need to drink at least six glasses of water per day.


Having the ability to value time really matters in life. Time is precious and priceless, and it should be taken advantage of. When we have a better understanding of time, we can form good habits and structure our daily activities. We can do things that will help us progress and also schedule time to spend with family, friends, and hobbies.


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