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Last week, I wrote about my accounts on Neflix and Instagram being hacked, well there’s a 3rd hack. 3days ago, I received 3 debit alerts from my Bank, for online payments I did not make. The 1st two debit alerts were for N10,000 each, while the 3rd debit alert was for N25,000. And the debit alert narration statements was that, they were payments made to Facebook. Being puzzled and angered at the same time, I contacted my Bank and the customer service officer confirmed that, the withdrawals were made to Facebook, 3 transactions I did not make. The customer service officer hinted that he suspects that my Facebook account must have been hacked and the hacker use my personal details on Facebook to make withdrawals from my ban account. He advised I quickly check my Facebook account to confirm if all was well. I did as he advised and behold, my Facebook account has been suspended. Due to a post that was against their Community Standard policy. Again, a post I did not post. I have been inactive on Facebook 7 months, now thanks to the Hacker, I have 27days to appeal to Facebook not to deactivate my account.

I have sent Facebook a mail explaining the situation and appealing to them to trace and reveal the identity of the hacker to enable me have him/her arrested. I hope they respond and carry out the necessary security measures, And not ignore my mail and several reminders like Instagram.

Meanwhile, my Bank will be carrying out a full investigation to understand how this hack was done and to prevent a recurrence on me or on any of their other customers.

Being hacked 3 times has saddened me greatly, that I am seriously considering leaving all social media platforms permanently.


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