Neway Power Plant Valve General Introduction

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The valve is the control device of fluid pipeline, serving to connect, shut off and direct
service fluids, regulate medium pressure and flow and protect pipeline and equipment
from improper working. It plays a vital part in the control system of power station.
Neway provides solution for customers in power plant industry. The factory
manufactures gate, globe, check butterfly, three-way, control and safety valve in
ASME class up to 4500, size up to 120’’ for power plant industry, including combined
cycle power plant (CCPP), coal-fired power plant (CFPP), binary cycle geothermal
power plant, flash evaporation geothermal power plant, etc. Neway’s power plant
valve has been approved by international end users & EPCs and used in many global
major projects.

Product Application

  1. CCPP system,

2. CFPP system

3. Geothermal power systems

4. Flash power

Production scope


Neway has provided valves to many global end users and EPCs, including the leading
energy companies in power industry.

Closing Remarks

Our good experience and knowledge of working closely with customer and integrated with Neway
key business strengths below,
a) High standard of HSE policy and business principles;
b) World largest single valve manufacturer under one roof;
c) Completed industrial valve solutions;
d) Independent technology R&D;
e) Vertical integrated manufacturing resources management;
f) Intelligent manufacturing management systems;
g) All In-house quality assurance management;
h) Global marketing, stock and service channels;
i) Material availability access options;
j) Strong finance status;
k) Continuous improvement and innovation;
Enables Neway to deliver our right service to customer ’s demand of MRO business, projects,
urgent cases and technical innovations etc.
As an innovative company in valve industry, we are always open to discuss, in detail, each
business model and possibility, and seek creative models as a more in-depth, multi-win
cooperation approach.
We thank you for the opportunity to offer this proposal and look forward to your favorable response
and meeting to discuss a path forward. If you have any questions or need clarifications, please
don’t hesitate to contact us.

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