All Work And No Play….

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When I got the email to indicate my interest in attending an inter-cohort soiree, I immediately signed up to attend. I saw it as an opportunity to network and relax, which I have not done since I signed up for the Lagos Business School MBA. As the date drew near and as the assignments started to pile up, coupled with commitments at my day job, I was not so sure I would attend. Managing time is not one of my strongest fortes. And with the LBS EMBA, every second has started to matter.

Given the heavy course commitments, the only advantage of attending the get-together was staying back late and avoiding the heavy Lekki Expressway which I normally face on my drive back home from attending Saturday lectures at the LBS.

I had thought a lot of my fellow EMBA 27 cohorts would not be interested in attending, alas, I was wrong. After lectures, a good number of the EMBA 27 class headed to the Gran Melia Resort venue of the party. I initially stayed back to finish work on my blog post and pay my blog debt. I reckoned that if I attend, I may just be too tired to finish the write-up. Postponing to the next day was not an option as it would be a deficit. I had posted my Friday blog and I needed to post both on Saturday and Sunday to meet up my three weekly blog count.

Truth be told, my mind was on the fun my colleagues were having and truth be told, I just could no longer concentrate. The words of Prof Akintola Owolabi, who lectures EMBA 27 on Corporate and Financial Accounting at that time became golden to me. He counselled us to find time to relax, even in the midst of the very demanding EMBA course. At that very moment, one of the LBS officials stepped into the class. I asked if he was coming to shut the doors of the class, and he answered in the affirmative. I took it as a sign to leave and I headed for the get-together.

It was the right decision. It was an opportunity to see another side of EMBA 27 cohort members. Bolaji Abidoye of EMBA 27 was one of the event comperes. The special guests soon arrived and they regaled us with the stories of their days at the LBS. They also echoed that the LBS MBA is tough. We were then urged to speed network with other students, at least five of them. I could only achieve two. I spent a long time speaking to both of the students and it was worth my time.

I also spent a better time of the evening getting to know some of my fellow EMBA cohorts better. It is usually delightful getting to see the fun side of friends and acquaintances. Those that partied, partied real hard. At some point, MBA 20 took over the party as they invited some LBS staff to join in their dance routine. I stayed later than I expected to just because I found it to be fun. Despite the heavier than usual traffic on my way home, and even though I would have completed some assignment/ classwork commitments in the time I attended the soiree, I was fulfilled.

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