Orientation Day-LBS

My heart leaped for Joy when I read the email. You have been granted admission into the Lagos Business School.  It had been on my list to attend the school, but different things held me back. I had to consider my Finances, Family, work, and travel time.

              The decision to finally go ahead with the program was at a strategy session at work in October.  A statement that my colleague made hit a nerve. I knew had to develop myself further. These people are not better than me, I said to myself. They do not have two heads; I can also do this. All I need is to develop myself further. I muttered. I proceeded with the applications, read for the exams, and prepared for the interview.  I was not optimistic about getting into the program even though my performance in my opinion was above average.

               Covid made me a pessimist in my approach to life issues.  Receiving the email was one of my high points in 2021.  I looked forward to the orientation day. 

The orientation day was quite insightful. We were taught on the history, core values, rules, and regulations, guiding principles of the Lagos Business School. It was obvious the school lived by these principles as the atmosphere projected cleanliness, orderliness, discipline, and mutual respect. I was intrigued.

The school’s canteen is top-notch.  Now I can agree with what my husband has always been saying. He would not allow me rest anytime it was his intensive week at school. He was always paying compliments to the Akara and Pap.

We were treated to a three-course meal. There was order at the canteen We all had to queue to get our meals. The environment was neat, and the waiters were warm. They even have a slogan called Enjoy! They say this slogan after serving each meal.

The school environment is serene. The layout was well thought out.  I noticed that the lecturers’ offices were quite small when I came in to sit for the exam. I asked why this was the case during the orientation program. I was told that schools that gone beyond big offices for lecturers. The lecturers hardly stated in the offices these days and they also had the option of the virtual arrangements. The school was in tune with the happenings around.

We were introduced to the members of the faculty. The faculty members consist of seasoned experts in their chosen fields.  We were told that these experts are not going to teach but facilitate the discussions. We had to lead the discussions. They are there to provide guidance and direction to the discussions. I was perplexed. These people are not going to teach?? I was told it was standard Business School procedure.

We are to leverage on the strength of each other’s wealth of wealth of experience to drive the discussion.

Finally, I was in class with seasoned professionals. People with diverse background and wealth of experience.  They were warm and easy to talk.  The school had a great first impression on me.


Utannah Dania in General
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