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This is the second part of my blog (my LBS story) and i will be talking about educational subjects that we were taught in Lagos business school. New and rich knowledge to acquire I must confess; I am sure of becoming a better manager after LBS. But before I go into the subjects, I will continue with the story of the mindset I had joining LBS. I was thinking more of the reward of owning an MBA degree than the process toward owning it. The prestigious value and the impression among my friends were the concern for me. So, when I got in and work started, it was shocking the amount work to do in LBS to achieve success. At one time, I wanted to drop out.

I am a crowd shy person. I really do not like to talk where there are lot of people although when I start to talk, I talk very well. Lagos Business School ensures that you must talk in class, and they created a learning environment that encourages it. For a standard, class participation is very key and attracts a heavy score. I have always needed a support mechanism for my public speaking skills, I hope, I will be bold enough to take this initiative and explore it as required. Two different personalities; a crowd shy person in an environment that requires speaking. It is still first semester; I am getting better by the day, and it is evident among my colleagues at work. Lest I forget, there is the workload part of LBS. It is overwhelming and sometimes makes assimilation difficult.

For this blog, I would like to dwell on the course Corporate Financial Accounting. I have always admired accounting principles and its application, I used to work in an investment banking firm where jobs done are influence by various accounts statement. So, getting into this class, I was fully prepared, I needed to get every knowledge that the class could offer, and luckily for us, we were blessed with a lecturer that is a Professor in Accounting, someone that has taught in Lagos Business School for 19 years. He understands student behavior and how to simplify accounting to non-mathematics students. Also, he is elderly and fatherly in his approach to newbies like us. Accounting became simplified and understanding it was seamless with him. Thank you LBS for this!

Yes, understanding was easy but that did not stop the number of assignments that we were given. The challenge is not the number of assignments but the pace between various subjects and their submission time. To me, this is a fault that should be investigated by the school. There should be cooperation between lecturers. Our day-to-day obligations will not change for LBS, even with the various adjustments I have made, it is still not working. This is a major concern that is discussed at various groups. Something needs to be done.

Finally, LBS is worth the time. The networking and knowledge to gain is enormous and surpasses the stress. Yes, we complain but we are still grateful to be here. #EMBA27

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