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Due to the anxiety to start a new chapter of my life I got up earlier than usual on the 21st January 2022, with a determination to make the best in whatever it is that I will be doing for the next two years, so that I would have something to be proud of in future and gain life-long applicable lessons.

Day one at Lagos business school was a whole new experience for me and i drove into the premises with hopes and aspirations. I had always admire Lagos business school from the outside not knowing that I would be privileged to be a student of LBS. I was impressed by the beauty and serenity of the environment as it extremely different from the other school I recently attended.

I greeted the receptionist and security guards as I walk into the college building with a big smile, saying I am with the class EMBA27, I was directed to the coca cola classroom, which is just to the right flank of the reception. Walking into the class I was welcomed by Gabrielle Opara, she instructed me to pick my nametag and a bottle of nestle water. This was my first time in a Stadium Setting classroom and I was very impressed.

By 9am prompt, the EMBA27 executives were officially welcomed to LBS by the dean (Professor Chris Ogechie). While listening to him speak, i started asking myself the question “what are my expectation in the next 2 years from LBS dimension?

At 9:15am, we (executives) introduced ourselves, I was really nervous for a moment, and with thoughts running through my mind, how will i start? What will i say in the midst of total strangers? It got to Bolaji’s turn, and he said “I am Abidoye Mobolaji you can call me BJ, I am here to make sure we all don’t keep serious faces all the time” this made me calm down a bit and I said to myself, “hey you can do this, just see the class as a group of friends and get to know them more and treat them like family. And that was exactly what I did. The next event was to meet the MBA Director & Head of MBA Programmes before going for a tea break at 10:45am.

The third event was facilitated by Dr. Uchenna Uzo which was the most interesting session to me, and it started 11:15pm. I learnt about “Opus Dei – The work of God” the history of the school, the founders and core values of the school. Most importantly, I learnt about the role of Opus Dei in LBS,

  1. Opus Dei does not own LBS
  2. Opus Dei does not manage LBS
  3. Member of Opus Dei have a continued presence especially in leadership positions

Opus Dei does not fund LBS but its supports LBS to maintain it Christian identity. The main take-away for me on the 21st of January 2022 was I can also start my business during my journey through LBS and apply these set of principles and core values to my business.

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