My colleague and I visited Abuja to sort out pending business transactions. While in Abuja we decided to stop at the WUSE market to buy Gold.

 I have been thinking of diversifying my investment portfolio. An alternative investment asset mix.  Gold is not a bad idea to bring into this mix I thought quietly. According to economic journals, gold hedges against inflation. She corroborated my claims by telling me her story of how she started investing in Gold.

She purchased gold earrings three years ago for ₦75,000, this same piece is now worth ₦150,000. The investment has doubled in the space of three years. She blurted out excited. That is what I am talking about.

 I also told her about a cousin of mine who invests strictly in gold. She buys all forms of gold (White, gold) as her store of value. When there is an emergency, she goes into the safe, picks an old piece to sell to raise funds.  We went into the market to have a look at the diverse designs. It took us a while before we could finally make up our minds on the exact design to buy. I was happy with this purchase as it was my first gold purchase.

Fast forward to the next day,

I wore my new set of earrings. Them go take for this Abuja. We went about our daily activities for the day and ended up at a fancy restaurant for dinner. We talked and laughed with colleagues at the dinner table.

As we were about sorting out the bill, my colleague drew my attention to my left ear, The earring was missing. I had misplaced my earrings.

 How can I buy earrings the day before and misplace it the next day? Different thoughts started running through my mind.

The first thought that came to my mind was that the devourer was at work, but I pay my tithe I said to myself. Something must be wrong. My college and I started the search for the missing earring. We searched the whole dining area. In my state confusion, I removed my wig. I had to quickly put it back on. I started to panic. We had to call the attention of all the staff at the restaurant. I was in tears.

 I had spent thousands in buying this piece of work. I sadly got into the car and barley spoke as we drove back to our hotel room. We got into the hotel and started search again.

My colleague went to check her room while I checked mine. We did not see the item. I always almost accepting my fate when my colleague knocked on my door. I thought she had seen it.

 She said she wanted to check my room properly. I let her in, and we started the check together. She then asked me for the dress I wore before I changed to another shirt. I showed her. Guess what? The earring was stuck to the dress. We bought started dancing, celebrating the lost gold earrings.

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