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Being a senior manager in a leading financial institution, I am concerned with roles such as how to grow the company.

Spending just 6 weeks at the LBS has provided me with so many skills, knowledge and right attitude to help my organisation grow. The hands-on case analysis, the brush up courses before the main course has provided incredible insight into how to lead my organisation to superb growth.

The quality of classmates is really superb, the classes are also always interactive and there is also an opportunity for networking among alumni and present student. There are also various international  courses (HBS) which I have taken that has really been helpful so far.

We are being exposed to how to do business in Africa, Nigeria specifically which I believe is really important if we want to explore the opportunities in Nigeria and Africa at large. The Networking session has been insightful. I am personally in the Entrepreneurship, and Finance & Investment clubs of LBS and I must say that the session we have held has provided many insights into how to start a business, get funding for the business and also manage the business for a sustainable growth.

The flexibility of having an online and offline class has also been really helpful because I can hold my classes anywhere in the world. The lecturers also carry the students along with those who attend physically. We don’t really feel much difference whether we attend online or offline, I still get the same knowledge and participation.

There was a class we held, where we  were all asked to pitch an idea in 90seconds, this practical way of learning and thinking on our feet has been really impactful, because the confidence, exposure and practice have ensured we are able to present any business case, idea, opportunities in a very coherent, subtle, concise and clear way by capturing the important ideas we are to communicate.

The teaching methods of the faculty are engaging and participatory. The lecturers effectively carry students along.

The course contents are very enriching, from the data analysis, to the analysis of business problem, management communication and financial accounting curriculum.

In conclusion, LBS gives the confidence,  network,  approach, convenience, the steps to acquiring financial, human and material resources, the method to start any business or grow a company as a manager, they enlighten us how to identify business opportunities, launch a business, grow the business, manage the business, operate the business and sustain the business effectively and efficiently.

LBS provides us with the needed mentor, serene learning environment to study, the library has amazing resources which are very help in the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

I have seen the positive difference so far with the various feasible and viable ideas I have generated now, the networks I have acquired, my always positive attitude and broad understanding of how a business captures value through the creation, communication and delivery of value to a specified target market. Lagos Business School is really a place to be.

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