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When you are up against the trouble, 

Meet it squarely, face to face, 

Lift your chin and set your shoulders,

 Plant your feet and take a brace. 

When it’s vain to try to dodge it, do the best you can do; 

You may fail but you may conquer, see it through

See it through by ”Edgar guest”

 Like ice-cold water splashed on the face of a sleeping man. We were all suddenly jolted back to life. All the knowledge we had suddenly became inconsequential.


 The dropouts began. Olurogba who was cheered on for the governorship seat by my coursemates suddenly announced he had gotten a new job. A position that required a lot of attention. He was swiftly followed by Olusola whose last words on the chartroom bothered on missing the energy of the class. And another who silently left the class without a word 

Three dropouts already?

I began to wonder how many more would occur before the session was over. The assignments could be likened to the eruptive waves of a tsunami hitting you suddenly from diff angles, tidal waves without a reprieve. All you could do was find a way around them. This reality hit hard, some of us took it in our strides, we knew we just had to live with it. Others complained about the workload; but like soldiers who had been given instructions we all took to orders and matched on.


One lecturer who personified energy for me was Yetunde Anibaba, she was the analytic amazon, ever ready to dissect business problems with a gusto that seemed unrivaled. I understood her passion and energy as she reminded me of myself on stage, in a boardroom, or with clients.

There was no winning with this woman; she always would have the last say. Her knowledge of analyses was invigorating and I decided I was not going to be afraid of the course “ABP”. 


Our first introduction to Doctor Yetunde’s course was ECSA. followed by Microderm and then Bio pasture. I internally vowed to sit tight. The next case study was mountain man, we began to call it mountain dew thanks to Bolaji Abidoye. At least that way we wouldn’t be afraid of climbing the mountain when we had to read it. Oh yes! I was going to give this course my all.  

There was a new sheriff on the block! Her name? 


I realized that there was so much to learn, each lecture became a goldmine of some sort. So much unraveling to be done and I was determined to get the best out of LBS.

The best version of me was emerging. Like the transformative stages of the butterfly, my best colors were been painted one day at a time.

My resolve was set. 

My decisions, made. 

There would be no meager scaling through, 

There would only be a rising. 

With each new lecture, I will improve 

Set new targets, surpass them, and soar like an eagle.



Written by oluwakemi arewa
Oluwakemi is a seasoned brand communicator, strategist, and consultant whose major goal is to take branded products to their next level by using her timeless valued skills, network, and proven resources. A graduate of the Nigerian Institute of journalism She had her OND and HND in mass communication followed by a Post Graduate Degree in public relations and advertising being an ardent lover of knowledge she went further to acquire certificates in courses like film and photography, media ethics and management, brand communication, advertising, leadership management as well as customer relations Her list of the satisfied clientele can be found in almost every commercial sector including Hospitality, Real estate, Gaming, Politics, Non-governmental and profit organisations, Entertainment, Food industries, Oluwakemis greatest joy is adding value to individual brands and organisations with result-oriented brand approaches that generate a top of the mind awareness, brand retention, lead generation, and high-end revenue for products and brands. some of the companies she has worked for include Adron Homes, Africa’s young entrepreneurs, Otakada, Bet9ja, Black Carpet Media, Green page media, EXP, Baits cosse, LWT, Lowe Lintas, Rosabelle, Television Continental, Radio continental, and many more others. Profile


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