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I have always desired to attend my MBA class in a prestigious school especially abroad until my boss introduced me to Lagos Business school. I must tell you that coming to Lagos business school isn’t a mistake though saddled with attendant challenges. The pressure can be overwhelming. The program whether full time or part time puts a lot of pressure on your time, work, family, friends, social life and religious life.

Almost 75% of my time in a week is dedicated to LBS activities. Am I going to talk about the materials I need to read, or the piles of assignment I need to submit on a weekly basis personally or as a group? I barely think of something else other than LBS activities. I had to deliberately plan my time on a daily basis so as to meet up and that requires putting into consideration odd hours of the day like 2 a.m in the morning to accomplish a previous’ day task. 24hours a day does not seem to be enough for the day.

My family also is negatively impacted. Most of the time I had to do advance apology in respect to my unavailability to have some quality time with them like I used to do. Time for discussions, play, watching televisions together and some other family times have been adversely affected. I had to consciously and deliberately throw caution to the air sometimes with regards to LBS activities to find time for some family time. Creating a balance was difficult but had to find a way around it.

My social engagements times are presently put on hold. I rarely find time for social events. At any event I try to squeeze out time to attend, what rings on my mind is either Analysis of Business Problem (ABP) assignment, Corporate Financial Accounting (CFA) or any other LBS outstanding assignment to turn in. It looks like a nightmare most times as the assignments have their deadlines and you are struggling with the scarce resource in the name of time to fulfil most of the obligations.

Talking about my office work, reports and meetings are herculean tasks to combine with MBA activities at LBS. I attend to only very important emails on my phones and defer the rest to later in the day including reports. Often times, I had to stay as late as 2a.m to reply all my emails and send my reports to the management for decision making. No employer is ready for any excuse. Just deliver is what is required of you irrespective of how you get it done.

Notwithstanding the above challenges, the value of the program cannot be over emphasized. I feel the value is unquantifiable. The shift that happens both in your mind and status is something imaginable. I have decided to wade through all the challenges with a deep-rooted determination.

I humbly encourage and welcome all intending students to Lagos Business School for exciting moments with your MBA journey. Yes, challenges abound, but the value in the end is unquantifiable.

Thank you.

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