eMBA 27 and the “Tours pour un, un pour tours” creed

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The eMBA programme of the Lagos Business School has an unwritten rule: no one gets left behind. I first hear it from Dr. Nicholas Okoye during his brush up classes on Statistics. Statistics is a subject which many students would rather avoid. Dr. Okoye knew his job was cut out for him, hence his determination not to leave any student behind. The LBS creed bears semblance to the principle of the armed where, as much as possible, no soldier is left behind, especially if the soldier is injured. Soldiers, by default, look after the interest of fellow soldiers. Negligence of any kind could lead to fatalities.

This principle is perhaps the rationale behind the Lagos Business School’s modus operandi of breaking the eMBA classes into smaller groups of students. Fellow students will carry on from where the lecturers stop. Members of groups have to complement each other’s strengths. The groups are also made up of professionals from various sectors, with everyone bringing their various experiences to bear in the discharge of assignments, projects, studies and so on.

The class of eMBA 27 appear to have taken this a notch higher. We appear to be governed by the creed Tours pour un, un pour tours, which translates into One for all and all for one. The saying was made popular in the novel, The Three Musketeers, authored by French novelist, Alexandre Duman. The doctrine emphasises cohesion, support, teamwork and solidarity among team members. In simple terms, the group will support its members, and the members will support the group.

Whilst we are students who have enrolled in the MBA programme of the Lagos Business School, amongst other reasons, earn the certificate, we are also resolute in helping others earn their honours too. Help in class is not far away. All the individual need do is ask. Assistance usually comes from all corners and in various forms.

The discussions on the assignments have particularly been of help to me. What I appear not to comprehend in class have been made plain to me during discussions on assignments. It would be trite to state that everlasting friendships will be formed. They are already being formed, even though we are just two months into the programme.

The support of class members transcends the world of academics. It is quite understandable that not everyone that starts will finish. A few have deferred their admission. But we have vowed not to allow another member to drop off the programme.

The one for all and all for one creed is perhaps at variance with what obtains in a few other tertiary institutions. In some of those institutions, even though everyone is in pursuit of academic excellence, there is also the competition for wanting to emerge the best student. This is in no way bad. It infact may have help improve performance of the students as they strive to emerge as the academic best.

Going solo is not, in my opinion, the Lagos Business School style. LBS would rather carry everyone along, leaving no soldier behind.

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