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Joshua Adeyemi Oluwafemi Written by Joshua Adeyemi Oluwafemi · 1 min read >
Never Quit

Quitting from LBS EMBA27 Class

I am quitting this EMBA27 class was my first thought as I woke up on February 21, 2022. The mental stress, and the increasing responsibility at my workplace has started taken a toll on my health. The time with the family was fading away and the children noticed my unavailability to support them again with homework. I barely slept for more than 5 hours a day because of the increasing pressure of the program.

I should not be this hard on myself, I mumbled as I lay in bed. Why should I continue the program? I just have to withdraw from the program!

Admiral McRaven: Do Not Ring the Bell

On my way to the gym, I brought out my phone to listen to music, and I stumbled at a YouTube video titled, “what starts here, changes the world” by Admiral McRaven. He shared his experience as a member of the U.S. elite team, Navy SEALs: the sacrifices, the pains and the mental stress he went through until he completed the course with many days without sleep. He recounted the 10 lessons he learned during this period that really helped me.

To be successful in your mission, do not ring the bell

I was so intrigue by the word of the Admiral because I was at the point of quitting my LBS mission. It made me to recall what attracted me to the prestigious Executive MBA program: the networking, the potential of enhancing my leadership skills, tailored-made cases relevant to Africa business environment, and the prospect of moving up the corporate ladder in the future. I realized the need to endure the momentary pains and the discomfort that comes with it. It was obvious, I needed to deal with this challenge differently.

Find Someone to Help you paddle:

As I drove to the house, I called a fellow Executive for encouragement as advised by Admiral McRaven, “if you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle”. It was indeed a right call, as this colleague encouraged me and offered to provide support, where necessary. I also had an open conversation with my family later in the evening of Monday 21st of February 2022. I was greatly encouraged when my last born of 4-year-old said: “daddy, please do not stop your school”. My energy suddenly reinvigorated, my passion rekindled as I got the reassurance and the support of my family.

Truly, to be successful, it takes friends, colleagues, and the goodwill of strangers to guide one through. Thank to Admiral McRaven, my colleagues and the support of my family that helped me to make the right call. I have accepted the challenge and determined to make all the sacrifices to succeed in this EMBA program. It would not be easy, sleeping late almost every day to complete my tasks, and waking up early to write a story for my blogging, and being able to catch up with the class when I have an official engagement outside the country. I have resolved that I will not quit because the champions never give up.

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