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Class today was really informative and enlightening for the following reasons;

– I have to make time, no matter how busy I am to revise previous class notes before each class
-I now understand how to identify an objective and a problem statement in an ABP case study,

I am grateful to both the Corporate Financial Accounting (CFA) and Analysing Business Problems (ABP) Facilitators for the advise and tips they offered my classmates and I. Their advise gave alot of clarity to things I struggled with. Hopefully, henceforth I will do better with my time management and preparation for class.

The topic for the CFA class today was Accounting Adjustments and Constructing Financial Statements 1& 2. Although I studied accounting as my 1st degree discipline , I never really enjoyed it, because I thought it was boring. Which contributed my leaving the profession. But thanks to the teaching style of our Prof. Akintola Owolabi, which is simplistic and hands on, my impression of Accounting is gradually changing for the better.

For the ABP class today, we scored ourselves on the Microderm Assignments we did, with guidance from our facilitator. Her advise and the tips she shared were priceless. This teaching style, helped demystify the fear most of us had for the ABP course. And I am truly grateful to Dr Yetunde Anibaba, for taking time, even for an extra 20minutes after class, to answer our questions.

I will endeavour to complete and submit my pending assignments in other courses, while I look forward to attending class, next week Friday and Saturday better prepared to give my all.


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