Quitting is not an option

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Giving up is not an option

It is quite interesting that I am feeling overwhelmed at this point. I have always wanted to do a masters since I started working. I can remember being told to hold on and get a grip of where my career is leading me to before choosing the type of advance courses to do.

After moving to marketing from IT/Quality Assurance, i was certain i needed to learn the rudiments of marketing. Success is important to me, so it is crucial to learn the success tricks and i concluded that YES, it is time for a Masters degree. So the search for an institution started.

Where do I enroll for masters that will impact my career and I am still privileged to attend physical classes (looking at the lecturer eyeball to eyeball…lol) as i know that is the way I can maximize the experience. So the search for the Institution came along and LBS topped the list of institutions that i could get the desired value from.

Then came the entry criteria, the one worth talking about was the GMAT. I read like someone preparing for Jamb and at some point thought i should forget about pursuing an MBA but on the other hand, i have to report to the home committee for growth why i have decided to quit. the later feared me more and I decided to try my luck ( at all at all, na him bad pass – a saying in pigin English that meant, “Just try, no matter how small) I gave it a try and got blessed to have moved to the next round. Admission came in and i felt like I have won a Grammy. What a great feeling of Victory.

Fast forward to starting the MBA, while it was emphasized that this will be time consuming, i never expected myself to be consumed by time. it feels like I am drowning with every other things going on in my life. I have thought about this many times…What will success at LBS look like to me? the answer to this question is personal but it gives me little boost required to move forward.

The truth is that, I am enjoying what I am learning here but it is just that some days are better than others. while i have tried to make sure that i cut out time in other places, it still just feel like I am not doing enough. Quitting is not an option so it only leaves me with one choice……get a hang of it all.

I have never thought that I will one write a piece for people to read. I have never been a fan of writing or reading novels but i identify that the more i write the better i get and the more i read the vast my knowledge becomes. I think this will be an enjoyable exercise and i look forward to coming again next time. I actually do not know that i will write next, but i think i can find inspiration in the everyday experiences i gather from enrolling at LBS.

Till we meet next time, I will remain KakaMuna….. Thanks for reading.

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