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It has been my lifelong dream to pursue an MBA program. The MBA bug bit me as a boy while watching “Generations”, an American TV show. Generations followed the lives and fortunes of two families: one black, one white. In one episode, the father and son in the Black family argued about what the son should do after completing his first degree: continue his education with an MBA so he can take over the family ice cream shop afterwards or accept a high paying job offer. The son chose to go for the high paying job, but things did not go as he thought they would. This was enough to sell me on the importance of an MBA program.

The first degree

Fast forward to my first degree. I pursued a Bachelor’s in Telecom Engineers and graduated with Honors. It was a natural choice for me because I have always wanted to be an engineer. When I was young, my parents gifted me a miniature piano. I believe their thought was that I would probably discover my talent as a musician. After a few days with the device, I dismantled the piano “in an attempt to fix it”. This tragedy befell all the toys that came after. So, when it came to picking a course for my bachelor’s degree, I chose Telecom Engineering and there were no dissenting opinions.

My experience with the first degree varied from excellent to mundane. Some faculty handled their courses expertly, and made you feel like an expert after completing the course. A few courses were so abstract that it seemed that even the faculty was at a loss on deeper subject matters. The final year project was tough even in a group of three. We acquired About 70% of the knowledge and skill required to execute the project during the project, and rest from prior knowledge in the course. At the point in time in my life, that was unacceptable. I came to school to be acquire knowledge that I can apply in industry. Anything short of that was unacceptable. I also concluded that based on my experience, it will be a waste of my time to pursue a master’s degree in Telecom Engineering.

The second should follow the first

In 2020, I finally decided to pursue an MBA. My pastor, LO, immediately recommended LBS. I had passed by the campus a few times in the course of my work, so I had at least heard of LBS. I decided to investigate it as I trusted LO’s opinion. He is a consultant and chartered accountant with several years of experience, working for companies like Coca Cola. After my first MBA recruitment session I was sold on the LBS MBA program. I followed up with the entry requirements and settled on the idea of writing the GMAT, and that started a new chapter.

GMAT is notorious for its perceived difficulty. Every time I told anyone I was preparing for the GMAT exams, they would smile, give me a firm handshake and pat on the shoulder. All I could think was, “What am I getting myself into?” After three months of preparation, I decided to cash in on my first of two free GMAT prep tests. My score was above the pass mark required by LBS but for some reason I was not comfortable. It felt like a fluke, and I was not confident I would be able to match or better my performance next time round. I continued preparation for the exam but deep down, I had given up on the MBA dream. If that was the level of performance required for an MBA, then I was not up to the task.

A few months later, someone from the LBS admission office reached out to enquire about my interest in the LBS MBA program. I explained my dilemma to him, and he suggested I give the LBS entrance exam a try. I manned up and gave it a shot, and I am glad I did. It was a much better experience.

A new beginning

Several months have passed since then, and I am now a proud member of EMBA 27. It has been quite the journey to get here. However, something tells me that, this is just the beginning.

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