The Dangerous Thing I Heard Today

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Brethren, there is love in sharing. I have travelled a long distance to share this gist with you.

This thing I am about to share, I pray you do not fall into the trap of this fallacy. To understand what I want to share, you have to:

  • Guard your heart with all diligence
  • Configure your mind to learn, unlearn and relearn.

We have junk flying everywhere and if you do not have a filter membrane, you will accept everything as truth.

Once upon a time, it was believed that the earth was flat in shape. Someone questioned it and now everyone believes the earth is spherical or round in shape.

I was reading an article where a teacher asked a boy, what is 1-1? Then the boy could not answer.

The teacher gave an example saying “if I give you one akara and take it back from you, what would you have left?”

The boy said oil and the teacher beat the boy, but the truth is what you have left is oil. The boy was right. His answer did not pass the test of syllabus, so he was marked wrong.

My main gist

I was somewhere earlier today and some people were gisting. Then one lady said she has the key to her boyfriend’s heart.

The gist grabbed my attention because, I wanted to learn too. I mean, who does not want to have key?

The next thing I heard sounded like clinging cymbals in my ears.

What Did I Hear?

This fine girl said “the key to her man’s heart is through his belly”

I know there is a rationale behind this statement, but I could neither cry nor laugh. Thoughts were racing in head. I could not understand how the key to a grown man’s heart is through his stomach.

The thoughts I could have shared with her

This belief has held a lot of African women bound and terminated their destinies in the kitchen of a man.

When a woman wants to get married, you will hear people ask her, ‘I hope you know how to cook?’ ‘Other cooks can take your husband away from you.’

Why should a man be lured away from his marriage because of the superior cooking abilities of another woman?

When people say this, are they talking about a disciplined man or a glutton?

It is only a glutton that the way into his heart is through his belly.

The way to Esau’s heart was through his belly and that was how he sold his birthright.

My dear sisters, it is good to know how to cook, but if this is the only key that you have, it is a dangerous affair. There are virtues that weigh more than food key, search for them, acquire them and become them!

My dear brothers, if the key to your heart has been through your belly, you may have to ask if you were born for food. There are virtues that are nobler than food affairs, think before you act.

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