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This is an attribute every employer wants to see in their employees. But the question is, to what extent? Does being loyal translate to compromising on what you cherish the most or sacrificing what you think is best for you? Let us analyze this situation from an ethical perspective using one of the cases we treated in class some weeks back, “Lola Aderemi: Loyalty vs Opportunity”.

Who is Lola Aderemi?

Lola was an inexperienced graduate who was about to round off her MBA program and was looking for a job. She applied to a lot of companies but, a lot of her applications were declined due to a lack of prior work experience. Considering that her husband was not working at the time and also with two kids, Lola became desperate.

Then she met Yetunde, the CEO of a big organization in Nigeria. Yetunde admired Lola’s enthusiasm and drive and therefore convinced the management team to grant Lola an interview opportunity. Just like you would have suspected, she did remarkably well and was eventually hired.

Over the years, Lola’s performance has been outstanding, and was always open to learning and taking on more responsibilities. As a result, she was assigned to lead a major project that would help bring more project opportunities. Hence, it was an important project for the business. Lola attended different external training, both home and abroad. Lola seemed very happy and satisfied with her job.

On a fateful day, Yetunde arrived at the office, and to her surprise found Lola’s resignation letter on her desk. She was dumbfounded as to what could have led to that decision? She did not mention a word to Yetunde about any displeasure she felt at work. The project Lola was handling was also due in two weeks. Yetunde was confused.

Lola’s reason

Lola got another job that paid better than her current job, offered some perks and an official car. Lola had not done due diligence on the company hence was not so sure she had made the right decision. Although Lola tried to convince her new employer to give her some time to clear up some activities she had going for her current employer, the company insisted she resumes immediately or forfeit the opportunity. Lola decided to go for the offer.

Now my questions are:

  • How should organizations protect themselves from such occurrences?
  • Should Lola at least have approached Yetunde to discuss her concerns?
  • Did Lola make the right decision?

For me, organizations should enforce job shadowing, and as such any individual should be able to fill in for anybody without the organization being affected.

Yes, she should have spoken to Yetunde about her concerns, considering that she helped her when she had lost all hope.

I do not think Lola made the right decision because she has not done her due diligence on the company, she does not know anything about the culture or how they operate. It could be a bad decision.

Kindly post your comments, please. Thank you.


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