The New Future: Tech taking over.

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Technology has become inevitable that no one can do without.

The development of technology today has been massive, considering how we all lived about a decade ago or even way back. It has also played an essential role in communicating, living, and doing many things.

Lately, I am in awe of how much power and effect the internet has on the world’s ways of life, jobs, education, entertainment, business, to mention a few. It’s no little wonder why our age is called the IT (Information technology) age. Even the rule of law is struggling to keep up with the advances in technology.

“Improvements in technology is increasing at an increasing rate.”

Dr. Bongo Adi

Talk about the easy access to information, digital developments, and how businesses have broken boundaries with high efficiency of operation, all because of “Technology.”

Looking back;

Remember how we pass information to one another during the early 90s? We will write letters and send them through a mail carrier. Delivery takes days before it gets to the receiver but look at us now; with one tap on our mobile devices, we dispense information within a twinkle of an eye.

Sending and receiving money used to seem like travelling just years back. With developments in tech and innovation within the banking industry and fintech, you can send money from the comfort of your mobile phones both local and international and receive money just about anywhere via any of these means; ATM or the long list of POS Merchants currently in the Nigerian market.

The health industry is no exception to the change that technology has brought to the world; because of technology, hospitals now have a better way to keep records of their patient’s files and medical histories. Also, we now have companies (Telemedicine) offering online consultation and medication to their target customers via a mobile device.

Technology has saved several businesses in lots of ways, and while that’s very undeniable. I don’t think we are at the peak of the new future (technology) yet.

Here are some of the benefits of technology in our lives

  • Easy access to information. Thanks to google and other popular browsers that have made the world a social village.
  • Saves time and stress;
  • Ease of mobility;
  • A more robust and reliable means of communication;
  • Cost efficiency;
  • Innovation of businesses and ideas;
  • Improved banking. (Online banking, MMOs, loan companies, etc.);
  • Better learning techniques for both young and old;
  • Advanced education (online schools and classes);
  • And please feel free to add more because technology has so many benefits

I am confident that technology will continuously play a massive role in helping the world, companies, and different industries succeed. The only thrilling and curious questions are, how will they use technology? What forms will it take? And how further will it advance our way of living? The results will be fascinating whether you work in health, tech, transportation, retail, businesses in general, or other fields that are being expanded or extended by digital tools.

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