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Then there’s the Mazi of LBS, Dr. Bongo, who will instruct you to buckle down to his level because he’s not coming to yours! Haha!

The LBS MBA Program has been a thrilling journey for me. During this short time, I’ve learned and experienced a lot, and it’s all gone by so quickly. My knowledge of the university’s opportunities is still developing.

Improving your capacity to communicate, analyze, infer, and read statistics is a time-consuming and logically exhausting endeavor, so time management is crucial due to the rigorous course load. It’s a great place to be, but nothing could have prepared me for this!

There is no debate that the MBA program is tough, and it’s not just at LBS, but everywhere else, and it is tricky to combine lectures, assignments, enjoyment (winks), healthy living, and so much more! 

There are other challenges too. Mine began when I missed the brush-up sessions. If only they mentioned how difficult this journey would be, I would have accumulated dogged strength to face the pressure.


Let's go back to missing the brush-ups.

”Don’t worry about missing the brush-up session. It’s not so important,” they said.

Heck yeah, it is it!! Unfortunately, I discovered it too late.

But, I have no regrets because I’ve got Dr. Okoye, whose teaching style is unmatched. Imagine me (a non-numerical lover) posting transactions to the journal and ledger and working my way through the accounting cycle to arrive at the financial statement. What a delight!

My faculty adviser, Dr. Yetunde, perhaps one of the best in the subject of business analysis, deserves to be a case study at Havard! She’s brilliant!

Then there’s the Mazi of LBS, Dr. Bongo, who will instruct you to buckle down to his level because he’s not going to come down to yours! Haha!

There’s something about Madam Atinuke’s aura that makes you want to perform at your peak.

Oh! Dr. Kemi, how I miss thee. She makes you think hard, and then allows you to assess your rationale for choosing a point of view, which I really like.

Dr. Eugene, hmmm, came to class and had us sing solely to comfort us before the battle.

The hot conversations will forever be centered on Dr. Rose and her eye-catching scarves.

The amazing Mbafan who will be remembered for a long time. She is indeed a ray of sunshine for us, always prepared to provide a helping hand.

Additionally, I have the camaraderie of my amazing coursemates, with whom each day is a grand adventure, as well as the lovely women in the cafeteria; Ms. Amaka, even with your face mask on, I can see how warmly you smile. My gracious hosts at the front desk, who always extend a cordial welcome to me, gracias!

Time has flown by, and it’s hard to believe that I’ve been here for almost three months. Life at LBS is generally pleasant, and I want to make the most of the opportunities that LBS provides.

“Put in the effort, girl, and you’ll reap the benefits in spades” I remind myself each day.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, and best of luck with your future pursuits.
Written by Norah Charles
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