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Where do you start from knowing that you have a group presentation alongside long-overdue projects, assignments, case studies, assessments, and not to forget, a blog to post.

One would think that the journey of becoming a Master of Business Administration would be a walk in the park, but trust me, it’s like battling dragons and sorcerers, holding only a penknife.

The journey thus far has had its ups and downs. Being accepted into the prestigious Lagos Business School came to me like a surprise. Before applying, I had a series of doubts as to if I was qualified enough, or even had the will to take on such a quest for academic excellence.

With these wise words from my mentor constantly ringing a bell, “Position yourself for greatness”, I knew when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  

Daily routine.

We know how setting an alarm can be, so I ensure to set it to ring around 15 different times because that early morning sleep seems to always be the sweetest.

I get up by 5:00 am (tentatively), get prepared, and set out by 6:15 am, so I could catch the morning bus that leaves by 7:00 am at CMS, Inner Marina, for Ajah.

Most of my case study analysis and group meetings are done on the bus to school, because, coming from Surulere is quite a distance.

One day, I woke up really late. After doing a rough calculation and estimating my arrival time, being late was inevitable.

So I took the highest risk of all. ‘I flew bike’ from Costain to Sangotedo.

In the words of Burna boy, “Oya do am if e easy”.

Life is full of risks. The higher the risk, the higher the returns.

Like WWE, please don’t try this at home. Lol.

Some of my colleagues advised that I attend more online sessions than physical, to enable me cut down on transportation costs, as well as reduce the level of fatigue from always being in transit, especially when I could be utilizing that time more effectively.

“When there’s a purpose, distance ceases to be a barrier.” – Diversity 2021.

I knew that attending classes from home does not have as much effect on me compared to being on school premises. The learning margin increases just being on school ground, and being around facilitators and my fellow colleagues.

Will I take it all back If I could?

Well, that’s not up for debate. I have made sacrifices to be here. Financial, physical, mental, psychological, just name it. I have sacrificed quality sleep, personal time with friends and family, but so far, I’ve been able to learn new skills that have improved my interaction with people from different works of life, and been able to learn alongside top scholars, who share the same vision and career goals. Not to forget the facilitators, who provide us, the students, with quality, comprehensive study materials, both local and international, and have helped us improve our reading, writing, and analytical abilities.

“Only a fool will choose bread over the key to success.”

In the long run, the program promises to be insightful, engaging, and concise. Definitely tough also, but ‘what God cannot do, does not exist.

No shaking, we die here.

Bring it on LBS!

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